Your Prescription for “One More Day”

What would happen, or how would you feel, if you were ship wrecked and led astray to an island with no apparent inhabitants?  Where you were left to fend for your food and shelter all on your own?  You might get excited at first, thinking how nice it would be to not have any other responsibilities but to feed and shelter yourself.  How long do you think you would enjoy that time away from the life you are presently living?  Or, does the thought of being left stranded out on an island without any other inhabitants completely terrify you; leave you feeling sad and lonely?  The questions here are your direct answers to “How are you presently living your life?”

As you strip away all the hustle and bustle, all the drama and entanglements, all the worries and fears over your everyday comings and goings in the present reality of your “everyday” perception of your life, you can then begin to see what has become your “everyday” prescription  written by you, in order to live one more day.  “Really?” you might ask, “Aren’t all the comings and goings of my day important in order to have the opportunity to live one more day?”  Only you can answer these questions.  As we move along in our lives, making decisions in what we allow or not allow, are we aware of what is really important, verses what we just do because “we should”?  If you go back to how you felt with the thought, or scenario, of being stranded alone on an island, you realize your first and immediate reaction will assist you in the many needed changes to your daily on-going life.

How do you feel you would (re)write your prescription for living “one more day”, based upon the feeling of what you would truly like your next new day to look like, or play-out?  What would stay and what would go, in your “normal” routine?  What do you feel you need more of, or less of, in order to have the happiness, peace and harmonic balance you most likely desire?  What would be your prescription now, the prescription for needed changes perhaps?  Do you believe you can make those changes to your daily “routine”, or are you willing to just live with the same old prescription that you automatically refill each night before you go to sleep?  Do you see that by stripping your life down to its bare essentials you can then uncover the key elements for your prescriptions’ foundation?  And, are you even providing those key elements, first and foremost, over all the other “everyday” things going on?

As you stop to fully assess your thoughts here of a healthy, peaceful, loving, joyful, abundant, and vital lifestyle, ask yourself this too “What have I been living without or sacrificed, for a very long time now, that I must first and foremost address, and discover a way to bring this important element into my life now, as there may not be one more day to know and experience its beauty in my life?”  ”What am I waiting for, someone to write me a prescription?”

2 thoughts on “Your Prescription for “One More Day”

  1. Karen Fisher

    Having just watched the older Tom Hanks movie, “Cast Away” last weekend, I found it ironic that as he continued in his marriage to try and avoid the things that kept him away from home for too long, as a Fed Ex trainer, the last thing he expected was the crash of his cargo plane that took him into a serious predicament for survival, totally alone. This would keep him FAR away from his home, for nearly four years on an uninhabited island . His desire to survive to get home home and into the arms of his loving wife, ended with a rescue that could not reunite them as he had hoped. During his lonely four years, he had been declared dead and she had moved on, to marry again, starting a family that had eluded her first marriage.

    Do we continually forget that there will be an underlying trigger to possibly pull us down in the first place. If one is always looking for the “fix” how can he/she avoid the trap of “feeling better, if only for a little while? This requires the deeper searching of the soul. Not everyone wants to take the path, and only a few will succeed. The Cast Away, succeeded in his soul search, but in the end, his heart was ripped apart until he opened up it up to look for a new direction.

    There isn’t always a prescription to fix our aches and pains…more often than sometimes, it’s our deep soul searching that will fix us. But do we have the courage?!?

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