Passion Persuades

Hear the call and answer the call, answer the call with passion, joy and excitement.  Your passion is ignited and fueled with your direct action in answering the call of your heart-to-heart connection.  “Where’s the call coming from?” you wonder.  “Who’s on the other end of this compelling and luring force, pulling me toward it like the opposite end of a magnet?”  Do you feel resistance or do you trust yourself to let go and be drawn to that which you are aligned with right now?

How will you know what is calling you if you do not allow yourself to be led to it?  Your passionate feelings, flowing deep and forcibly within you, are your cue that there is a strong heart-to-heart connection.  Passion is of the heart thus, your passion, is what needs to be fueled by you in order to keep the deep connection you are strongly sensing and experiencing.  Your excitement and enthusiasm for more, of what you are feeling as good and true, is what will feed and nurture this driving force shared between your heart and the heart of the one calling you now.  Anticipation grows as you draw nearer and nearer to this heart-so-true.  Everything you experience along the way becomes food and sustenance to drive the passion now being shared between you.

There are no limits when it comes to this heart-to-heart connection.  What you allow will be what you will experience in its fullness.  The fire is lit once the call is answered.  Your actions now lead you every step of the way, to stoke the fire of love within the hearts’ shared connection, while the passion exchanged through the openness and willing acceptance of both hearts becomes stronger, deeper, and richer, until the two are individually made whole from completely sharing in this heart-to-heart powerful experience.  There’s nothing like it as it is unique to the two, who have now become changed and transformed by their full input of shared passion and drive, to expand and extend the love they now intimately share.

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