There’s Light at the End of Every Tunnel

It’s always darkest before dawn.  Do you question whether or not the sun will rise every day?  There are many things we take for granted, and until something feels misplaced or disrupted, we will go about believing everything is just as it should be.  What is it about darkness that we fear?  What is it about the absence of Light that we allow our thoughts to immediately formulate something “bad” or “adverse” is going to happen?  Does “no Light” always denote fear, despair or depression?  When in darkness and we are feeling discomfort or fear, would it not be to our benefit to seek the Light, verses dwell on the darkness?  If we take our focus off our fear of the dark, do we believe we can empower our self to find the Light we need in the situation we are faced with? It is in our beliefs that our reality is formed, thus what we are focusing on will be highlighted in our experience.  If one can form a new perspective about darkness, to see it in the Light of Truth, they may come to realize that it is only a time of change and transformation, a time of unknowns and mysteries. Not forever to be unknown or mysterious, as everything is always in changing motion.

With the understanding that this darkness is present for a temporary time and for a good reason, is that enough for you to find peace in the darkness?  With the realization that you are simply in a passage, a tunnel of change, mystery, and transition, can you now feel better or find it easier to become acquainted with your “whereabouts”?  With your acceptance of being here in this position of transition you will have also accepted that the darkness is a part of this present experience.  That you can learn from your time being in the dark as you continue to seek the Light at the end of your tunnel of change and transition.  The more you seek the more you will gather new knowledge, resources and understanding of your “whereabouts”, even in the dark.

With this gathering of knowledge and resources comes the Light of understanding, regarding what is happening where you are right now, and what may be needed to get to the Light of clarity at the end of your transition and completed transformation.  You are never without your power.  And, as you come to terms with your available power to keep progressing forward, with each step gaining more and more understanding, you realize new levels of faith and trust.  You now rely firmly on believing that there is always Light at the end of the tunnel, that there’s not any reason it wouldn’t be there for you now or in the future.

With this firm faith or belief, we will always make progress.  We will give our self the perpetual gift of expanding and growing in our wisdom, strength and being all that we are.  With this new Light of understanding we will give our self another new opportunity, when the time is right, to step into a new tunnel of unknowns and mysteries, now realizing its potential to fulfill our steps forward in joy of being and expanding all that we are, out into the Light of the world, where it can always be found at the end of another’s tunnel.

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