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Dis-comfort vs. Dis-ease

Breakthrough all the barriers now in your way of your wholeness and well-being, begin right here to step forward into the new life design you have created to experience.  Are you feeling a little out-of-place here, a little dis-comfort perhaps?  No worries, you are ready to take on this new phase of your life.  This is not the time to rot from standing in place for too long.  It is up to you to see your new potentials and opportunities, here before you.  Take your mind out of this scenario and begin to use your senses, feeling your way forward with each step that you take.  Recognizing your path this way will only lead you to that exact next step you need right now.

As you walk this way you are remaining in your True present moment, while still making great progress forward.  As you seek to understand and reveal your whereabouts you will also begin to strengthen your inner senses, as they become fine-tuned with the practice of remaining in your experience, step-by-step.  Recall your available wisdom here, as this extra-knowing will fill in the voids, blanks and unknowns, relieving any of your stress from doubts and fears in your uncertainty of the mysterious shadows you begin to encounter, upon this path of the unknown.  “Where is it that I am being guided to?” you may ask.  It is ok to ask this for, as you do, your answer shall begin to be revealed to you in its divinely timed fashion. You will now be holding a focus and expecting an answer to show itself.

Any question that you ask now will openly assist you upon this new path of unknowns and uncertainties.  Let yourself feel and flow any dis-comfort as it moves in and out of you without your resistance.  Allowing the dis-comfort disables the dis-ease, as dis-comfort inspires movement in healthy growth and expansion while dis-ease bottles fear, then turns it toxic from non-movement and stress build-up.  Dis-ease will not just go away.  One must become conscious of their manner in its cause and, from there, must begin to break-down its walls, initiating healthy flow once again.  As you now begin to understand here the importance of your attention to your overall movement and progress, you will also begin to embrace the inevitable dis-comfort that comes with this progress of your present and future well-being.

So, begin right where you are and take a long deep look at where you would like to be going.  Then,  without delay, step right onto this illuminated path of your new life chapter, waiting for you right now.

The Call of The Wild

Shake it, wake it, and come alive from the inside-out.  It’s the call of the wild, the untamed and unrestricted Spirit inside that is ready to be fully expressed.  Fearless and spontaneous, even blissful, let your being feel this now.  Let yourself go.  Pull out all the stops and defining elements in what is naturally flowing at all times.

Here in your natural flow of bliss and spontaneous Spiritedness you will recognize new feelings and sensations come alive.  These are feelings and sensations that have been locked away for a very long time, due to the manner of allowing this open-blissful Spirit to be judged and condemned by social “appropriateness”.  As you experience this unguarded expression of free-Spiritedness, you will also realize that what has been repressed is now useful to your new alive state of being.  You are now on a new level to understand the importance of what has been locked away deep within you for far too long.  Freedom is what is felt here.  A liberated joy-filled Spirit that comes alive and ignites new energies, that rejuvenates and excites new action and new life.

Let this be felt as full and complete as you can allow.  Once tasted, the new energies will fuel your new excitement and enthusiasm for a long term, as the freeing of the Spirit this way now becomes a regular desire to be felt and experienced.  Once this liberating process is understood you will not be without it.  Stay connected to your Highest Vibrations this way, as you will be compelled to in the needed revitalization of your being, inside and out.

Commitment…Completing What’s Been Started

The wheels of our life go round and round.  Do we ever really know when we have completed anything, since what seems to be present is always another step in a new direction?  Our commitments become our way to direct our focus and our energy, toward what we feel is important to us at that time.  Recognizing the time that our original commitments were made is our mark of what potentials were around us at that time.  There was something that compelled or triggered our need and desire to enter into the commitment in the first place.  Once we can understand this place of origin we can also begin to understand where we are in relation to the outplaying commitment.  We know that change is continuous, thus our commitments may go through some type of change during its course of application.

What is needed to maintain a commitment over a long period of time, we might ask?  As all persons involved in any commitment continue to adjust and adapt through their individual steps forward, they will remain in their commitment as they hold the original commitment in their center-of-focus.  As all persons hold a mutual understanding of the original commitment they will automatically remain aligned to it, even though they experience different events throughout it’s outplay.  Any commitment holds a deep tie of Truth and understanding upon its origin, yet each individual will have their own understanding of what those levels are.  Thus, anytime one seeks to define the meaning of completion of the original commitment, they must go back to their own original understanding of that commitment.

Will you remember what your original feelings or intentions were, as you look back to the origin of the commitment?  Most likely your perspective will be variant, only because you have evolved and changed over a time span between its origin and now.  So as one looks back to understand what defines completion of this commitment they will in Truth be looking for that definition from their present point of interest and interpretation.  Defining completion can only be made from the understanding of yourself in your present moment, thus the present is the only place one can be fully complete in their understanding of what that original commitment means for them now.

Commitments are not meant to cut off our life flow or to inhibit our growth.  Anything contrary to your natural growth and development, or to nurturing your well-being, would not align to your internal inherent life flow, love-of-self, and what’s Highest and Best.  Thus for any commitment, and at any point in outplay, each individual must consistently do their part in evaluating their Highest and Best interest for participation. A discerned choice must be made by each individual involved, as each individual can only know what’s best for them.  And, as each one honor this Highest call to their Truth, they will then know what their right choices will be at any point in the outplaying commitment.

The Quest for Truth

What is being offered in the situation?  Do you feel the Truth in its best light or are you sensing some sort of cover-up or facade, to the True context of the reality?  Seeing and sensing beyond any situation you are experiencing, the deeper you go the further you reach to gain clarity or an honest assessment.   It is then the Truth, in its purest form, can continue to prevail and shine through in its most Light of understanding.  You begin to realize here that, the further you reach out and the deeper you seek, the more information you expose.  Everything revealed will need to be flowed and processed through your own channel of intuitive interpretation, thus there is no telling what variables you may uncover.

As you remain in a pure and open flowing state of reception you will find it easier to process, or integrate the more profound contrasting elements of your revelation, as you will not resist their adverse nature.  Allowing all elements to play their expressive part in the interpretation process you are then allowing any facades to be removed, as you realize what lies beyond any facade is the content needed for formulating a true and honest interpretation of the experience.  Rest assured, even if you are unsure if a facade is actually a facade, or if what you are observing is already the Truth, as you continue to process each bit of information coming forward your intentions will automatically unite you with what it is you need to complete your findings, in all their purest form of available Truth.

Do not deny yourself this quest for Truth as there are many layers of Truth in every situation or experience.  This process is not meant to leave you in chaos and confusion thus, once started; continue the process to its completed state of clarity, there’s no rush.  Trust you will know when that is.

Removing The Facade of What is Real

Does what lies within us need a “front”, or facade, in order to be held upright in its place?  Does the facade need to be removed in order to know what is contained beyond it?  Can our masks that we wear be considered a type of facade, a way to create a front that we would find appropriately fitting, for our expression of who we are with others?  Masks serve their purpose, as a way to either hide what is contained beyond them or as a way to project what we would want others to think that we are, on the inside.  Once the facade is removed what is left are the contents, beyond the facade.  Do we believe that just because the facade is gone we will automatically find clarity in the contents beyond it?

Each layer of our being holds many realities, many Truths, many interpretations of what’s been integrated within this unmasked content.  To unveil, or reveal, what is “real” would then become our own interpretation of what that it, through our own eyes and definitions.  What is “real” becomes in itself its own mystery, as reality is originated by the one who is defining it. Facade or no facade, there will always be many layers to what is “real”, that would be available for observation and definition.  Thus, what is “real” will contain many definitions.

How does one know where the Truth can be found here beyond the facade of our masks?  Simply put, the Truth is defined by the beholder; the one who has absorbed what is being portrayed and then interpreted the information through their individual intuitive channel.  There is no right or wrong answers here.  You can see that as each layer is exposed or revealed the overall definition may change, by a little or a lot, facade or no facade.  You also know that if there is a facade, by removing it you are one more step into the many layers beyond it.  That the content now becomes the focus as each layer can, in its own way, portray another concept of the facade, as each layer bears many layers beyond it.

How many facades or masks can one have created?  The answer may be many, or even infinite.  For even as layers are revealed and exposed so too are new layers being built upon the old ones, the cycle is endless.  Do not be concerned then regarding the revelation of just one Truth.  Simply embrace the beauty of all that you are blessed to reveal and expose in the Light of your Truth, in that present moment, and it is here you will find everything you need to move forward in the Light of its reality.

Rebalancing with the Higher Aspects of Our Being

Recognition, being recognized by others, validating our importance through their say-so… And the verdict is?  Where does our true value come from?  What would we feel to be the Divine definition here, in regard to our individual value and worth?

Most likely, we would presume that definition to be that we are perfect, just the way we are.  That if we went through our life with an open attitude of just being who we are at all times, this would be as perfect as perfect could be.  Yet we also realize at some level of our being that we are in constant changing motion, that we are constantly looking to be “more”, to be better in what we do, how we look, and how we live our life, on all levels.  Does our perspective of “more” match the same of a Divine perspective?  Are we being defiant to our pure sense of being when we want or desire “more” of anything?  Where does the value of “more” come to an equal playing field between our version and the Divine version?

It is in our desires, our dreams, and our ambitions that we come to learn, grow and evolve.  That we create new rejuvenating energies, new directions for our progress, and develop new ways to see with grander perspectives, beyond the everyday norms that can leave us feeling stifled or repressed.  Here, even the Divine might agree that the value of “more” is about our expanding and growing as spiritual beings in our human experience.  That as we are in our human bodies we are challenged to work within certain parameters of the concrete world while knowing we are infinite, limitless and unrestricted in our spiritual aspects.

The value of “more” as defined by the Divine would constitute our learning new ways to work with our infinite Spirit while remaining balanced in our mortal, finite bodies. Here we would consistently be seeking new ways to create value as we embrace and develop the “more” of who we are, as whole and Divinely flowing beings.  Our “more” then becomes more love, more Light, more joy, more Truth, sincerity, and compassion.  And, as we develop the “more” of these aspects of our self, from the inside-out, we are then able to share this Divinely valued “more” of who we are, infinitely and unconditionally.  Our value of “more” would increase on an exponential scale, as the “more” would continue to replenish with “more”.

Thus, we can now attest that the illuminated value of “more” is defined by both our Earth body and Heavenly Spirit working together in a ceaseless pure flowing balanced state of radiant strength, fueling value and worth to every aspect of all that we are.

The Illuminated Value of “More”

Recognize, realize, actualize, you are always in a process of emptying and refilling.  What is it that you are doing here while this on-going process occurs?  Your natural instincts would most likely lead you to refill with what is needed or best for you, at that time.  Hence, the idea of “more” might be more nourishment, a grander perspective, or more of what’s going to enhance and enrich your life at this time.  Is there not value in this way or concept of “more”, value as in increasing your self-development or self-growth?  To evolve and grow there will always be “more” of some element or force coming forward into the process of your growth.

When you grow or evolve you are expanding, inside and out.  This expansion is a way to make room for “more”, more of what is new or necessary, in order to continue on your path of growth and evolution.  Here the illuminated meaning of “more” becomes infinite and boundless in what it can entail.  An illuminated or enlightened perspective of “more” allows for many variables and options to be present.  Do you need to engage in all the available choices? This is purely another choice that is also viable.  You see, it is always you who decides what “more” will mean for you.  “More” is always available.   How much “more” is always available.    What you choose to engage in or receive of “more” is always up to you.  Thus the illuminated value here, from a Divine perspective, comes to the value you place on the “more” being offered to you.  What is yours you will see and know, it will be illuminated for your eyes only.  How you interpret or discern what it is you feel you need, or what you feel would be best for you, will remain your choice, your individual decision and interpretation of the “more” you are allowing as important for you. 

There are many ways to dance around the Truth of what exists around you and, as you come to a deeper understanding of what your needs are to live your life in its Highest and Best way for you, you will then begin to see the illuminated value of this Truth.  That this “more” around you is available for everyone to engage or tap into, that it is always there for the Highest and Best fulfillment of your needs, and that it is up to you to allow yourself to fully receive what is being offered now to you.  Thus, the illuminated value of “more” is about a consistent flowing of its exponential and infinite nature.  For as you nourish and fill yourself, so to shall you flow this nourishment and “more”, of all that you are, to your world.

Your Reason for Being

Ready, set, yes, you are good to go.  There are no bags necessary on your trip of a lifetime to planet Earth, everything you need is inside of you.  A life well designed to include all necessary gifts to develop, tools to enhance your skills, and lessons desired to be learned.  Once you arrive you will only need to live your life, to give it all you’ve got, heart and soul.  Remember, you will never be alone, that you are perfect just the way you are in any given moment, that love and joy are your top priorities and there are no mistakes, only learning, growing and evolving.

You also want to know about your purpose, your cause?  Will you know the reason or reasons you are where you are, when you are there?  Your wholeness will always be connected to your reason for being during your lifetime, whether you consciously realize it or not.  Your cause, or reason for being, will be the driving force within you, compelling your steps of action, motivating you to keep moving forward and to never give up.  Your life design is such that you will consistently be unveiling this reason for being.  As you make progress and tap into your wisdom, throughout your experiences, you will find that your reason for being becomes clearer for you, more easily defined by you, and validated by others on a regular basis.

Your path is an individual path, just as your reason for being is yours and yours alone.  Yet, you will not be alone on this unfolding path of being you, there are always many “others” connected to your path and reason for being.  These “others” are an opportunity to share your potential wisdom and unique life experience, to assist and enhance their growth and evolving life.  All reasons are a shared course of action.  Each individual is responsible for their own reason for being and development of what that means, in all their connections and affected relationships.  Simply showing up and offering the very best in all that you are will suffice in your fulfillment on this path of reason.

You are your own master here, thus you are your own worst critic.  Be kind to yourself, always find the joy in the journey, and know that your perspective of your reason for being will create the reality you will live.  How you share this lifespan of Earth-time is purely a choice, and always up to you.  Thus, how much you live in this life span you’ve been given will become the reason you are here on Earth at this time.