Your Reason for Being

Ready, set, yes, you are good to go.  There are no bags necessary on your trip of a lifetime to planet Earth, everything you need is inside of you.  A life well designed to include all necessary gifts to develop, tools to enhance your skills, and lessons desired to be learned.  Once you arrive you will only need to live your life, to give it all you’ve got, heart and soul.  Remember, you will never be alone, that you are perfect just the way you are in any given moment, that love and joy are your top priorities and there are no mistakes, only learning, growing and evolving.

You also want to know about your purpose, your cause?  Will you know the reason or reasons you are where you are, when you are there?  Your wholeness will always be connected to your reason for being during your lifetime, whether you consciously realize it or not.  Your cause, or reason for being, will be the driving force within you, compelling your steps of action, motivating you to keep moving forward and to never give up.  Your life design is such that you will consistently be unveiling this reason for being.  As you make progress and tap into your wisdom, throughout your experiences, you will find that your reason for being becomes clearer for you, more easily defined by you, and validated by others on a regular basis.

Your path is an individual path, just as your reason for being is yours and yours alone.  Yet, you will not be alone on this unfolding path of being you, there are always many “others” connected to your path and reason for being.  These “others” are an opportunity to share your potential wisdom and unique life experience, to assist and enhance their growth and evolving life.  All reasons are a shared course of action.  Each individual is responsible for their own reason for being and development of what that means, in all their connections and affected relationships.  Simply showing up and offering the very best in all that you are will suffice in your fulfillment on this path of reason.

You are your own master here, thus you are your own worst critic.  Be kind to yourself, always find the joy in the journey, and know that your perspective of your reason for being will create the reality you will live.  How you share this lifespan of Earth-time is purely a choice, and always up to you.  Thus, how much you live in this life span you’ve been given will become the reason you are here on Earth at this time.

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