The Illuminated Value of “More”

Recognize, realize, actualize, you are always in a process of emptying and refilling.  What is it that you are doing here while this on-going process occurs?  Your natural instincts would most likely lead you to refill with what is needed or best for you, at that time.  Hence, the idea of “more” might be more nourishment, a grander perspective, or more of what’s going to enhance and enrich your life at this time.  Is there not value in this way or concept of “more”, value as in increasing your self-development or self-growth?  To evolve and grow there will always be “more” of some element or force coming forward into the process of your growth.

When you grow or evolve you are expanding, inside and out.  This expansion is a way to make room for “more”, more of what is new or necessary, in order to continue on your path of growth and evolution.  Here the illuminated meaning of “more” becomes infinite and boundless in what it can entail.  An illuminated or enlightened perspective of “more” allows for many variables and options to be present.  Do you need to engage in all the available choices? This is purely another choice that is also viable.  You see, it is always you who decides what “more” will mean for you.  “More” is always available.   How much “more” is always available.    What you choose to engage in or receive of “more” is always up to you.  Thus the illuminated value here, from a Divine perspective, comes to the value you place on the “more” being offered to you.  What is yours you will see and know, it will be illuminated for your eyes only.  How you interpret or discern what it is you feel you need, or what you feel would be best for you, will remain your choice, your individual decision and interpretation of the “more” you are allowing as important for you. 

There are many ways to dance around the Truth of what exists around you and, as you come to a deeper understanding of what your needs are to live your life in its Highest and Best way for you, you will then begin to see the illuminated value of this Truth.  That this “more” around you is available for everyone to engage or tap into, that it is always there for the Highest and Best fulfillment of your needs, and that it is up to you to allow yourself to fully receive what is being offered now to you.  Thus, the illuminated value of “more” is about a consistent flowing of its exponential and infinite nature.  For as you nourish and fill yourself, so to shall you flow this nourishment and “more”, of all that you are, to your world.

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