Rebalancing with the Higher Aspects of Our Being

Recognition, being recognized by others, validating our importance through their say-so… And the verdict is?  Where does our true value come from?  What would we feel to be the Divine definition here, in regard to our individual value and worth?

Most likely, we would presume that definition to be that we are perfect, just the way we are.  That if we went through our life with an open attitude of just being who we are at all times, this would be as perfect as perfect could be.  Yet we also realize at some level of our being that we are in constant changing motion, that we are constantly looking to be “more”, to be better in what we do, how we look, and how we live our life, on all levels.  Does our perspective of “more” match the same of a Divine perspective?  Are we being defiant to our pure sense of being when we want or desire “more” of anything?  Where does the value of “more” come to an equal playing field between our version and the Divine version?

It is in our desires, our dreams, and our ambitions that we come to learn, grow and evolve.  That we create new rejuvenating energies, new directions for our progress, and develop new ways to see with grander perspectives, beyond the everyday norms that can leave us feeling stifled or repressed.  Here, even the Divine might agree that the value of “more” is about our expanding and growing as spiritual beings in our human experience.  That as we are in our human bodies we are challenged to work within certain parameters of the concrete world while knowing we are infinite, limitless and unrestricted in our spiritual aspects.

The value of “more” as defined by the Divine would constitute our learning new ways to work with our infinite Spirit while remaining balanced in our mortal, finite bodies. Here we would consistently be seeking new ways to create value as we embrace and develop the “more” of who we are, as whole and Divinely flowing beings.  Our “more” then becomes more love, more Light, more joy, more Truth, sincerity, and compassion.  And, as we develop the “more” of these aspects of our self, from the inside-out, we are then able to share this Divinely valued “more” of who we are, infinitely and unconditionally.  Our value of “more” would increase on an exponential scale, as the “more” would continue to replenish with “more”.

Thus, we can now attest that the illuminated value of “more” is defined by both our Earth body and Heavenly Spirit working together in a ceaseless pure flowing balanced state of radiant strength, fueling value and worth to every aspect of all that we are.

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