Removing The Facade of What is Real

Does what lies within us need a “front”, or facade, in order to be held upright in its place?  Does the facade need to be removed in order to know what is contained beyond it?  Can our masks that we wear be considered a type of facade, a way to create a front that we would find appropriately fitting, for our expression of who we are with others?  Masks serve their purpose, as a way to either hide what is contained beyond them or as a way to project what we would want others to think that we are, on the inside.  Once the facade is removed what is left are the contents, beyond the facade.  Do we believe that just because the facade is gone we will automatically find clarity in the contents beyond it?

Each layer of our being holds many realities, many Truths, many interpretations of what’s been integrated within this unmasked content.  To unveil, or reveal, what is “real” would then become our own interpretation of what that it, through our own eyes and definitions.  What is “real” becomes in itself its own mystery, as reality is originated by the one who is defining it. Facade or no facade, there will always be many layers to what is “real”, that would be available for observation and definition.  Thus, what is “real” will contain many definitions.

How does one know where the Truth can be found here beyond the facade of our masks?  Simply put, the Truth is defined by the beholder; the one who has absorbed what is being portrayed and then interpreted the information through their individual intuitive channel.  There is no right or wrong answers here.  You can see that as each layer is exposed or revealed the overall definition may change, by a little or a lot, facade or no facade.  You also know that if there is a facade, by removing it you are one more step into the many layers beyond it.  That the content now becomes the focus as each layer can, in its own way, portray another concept of the facade, as each layer bears many layers beyond it.

How many facades or masks can one have created?  The answer may be many, or even infinite.  For even as layers are revealed and exposed so too are new layers being built upon the old ones, the cycle is endless.  Do not be concerned then regarding the revelation of just one Truth.  Simply embrace the beauty of all that you are blessed to reveal and expose in the Light of your Truth, in that present moment, and it is here you will find everything you need to move forward in the Light of its reality.

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