The Quest for Truth

What is being offered in the situation?  Do you feel the Truth in its best light or are you sensing some sort of cover-up or facade, to the True context of the reality?  Seeing and sensing beyond any situation you are experiencing, the deeper you go the further you reach to gain clarity or an honest assessment.   It is then the Truth, in its purest form, can continue to prevail and shine through in its most Light of understanding.  You begin to realize here that, the further you reach out and the deeper you seek, the more information you expose.  Everything revealed will need to be flowed and processed through your own channel of intuitive interpretation, thus there is no telling what variables you may uncover.

As you remain in a pure and open flowing state of reception you will find it easier to process, or integrate the more profound contrasting elements of your revelation, as you will not resist their adverse nature.  Allowing all elements to play their expressive part in the interpretation process you are then allowing any facades to be removed, as you realize what lies beyond any facade is the content needed for formulating a true and honest interpretation of the experience.  Rest assured, even if you are unsure if a facade is actually a facade, or if what you are observing is already the Truth, as you continue to process each bit of information coming forward your intentions will automatically unite you with what it is you need to complete your findings, in all their purest form of available Truth.

Do not deny yourself this quest for Truth as there are many layers of Truth in every situation or experience.  This process is not meant to leave you in chaos and confusion thus, once started; continue the process to its completed state of clarity, there’s no rush.  Trust you will know when that is.

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