Commitment…Completing What’s Been Started

The wheels of our life go round and round.  Do we ever really know when we have completed anything, since what seems to be present is always another step in a new direction?  Our commitments become our way to direct our focus and our energy, toward what we feel is important to us at that time.  Recognizing the time that our original commitments were made is our mark of what potentials were around us at that time.  There was something that compelled or triggered our need and desire to enter into the commitment in the first place.  Once we can understand this place of origin we can also begin to understand where we are in relation to the outplaying commitment.  We know that change is continuous, thus our commitments may go through some type of change during its course of application.

What is needed to maintain a commitment over a long period of time, we might ask?  As all persons involved in any commitment continue to adjust and adapt through their individual steps forward, they will remain in their commitment as they hold the original commitment in their center-of-focus.  As all persons hold a mutual understanding of the original commitment they will automatically remain aligned to it, even though they experience different events throughout it’s outplay.  Any commitment holds a deep tie of Truth and understanding upon its origin, yet each individual will have their own understanding of what those levels are.  Thus, anytime one seeks to define the meaning of completion of the original commitment, they must go back to their own original understanding of that commitment.

Will you remember what your original feelings or intentions were, as you look back to the origin of the commitment?  Most likely your perspective will be variant, only because you have evolved and changed over a time span between its origin and now.  So as one looks back to understand what defines completion of this commitment they will in Truth be looking for that definition from their present point of interest and interpretation.  Defining completion can only be made from the understanding of yourself in your present moment, thus the present is the only place one can be fully complete in their understanding of what that original commitment means for them now.

Commitments are not meant to cut off our life flow or to inhibit our growth.  Anything contrary to your natural growth and development, or to nurturing your well-being, would not align to your internal inherent life flow, love-of-self, and what’s Highest and Best.  Thus for any commitment, and at any point in outplay, each individual must consistently do their part in evaluating their Highest and Best interest for participation. A discerned choice must be made by each individual involved, as each individual can only know what’s best for them.  And, as each one honor this Highest call to their Truth, they will then know what their right choices will be at any point in the outplaying commitment.

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