The Call of The Wild

Shake it, wake it, and come alive from the inside-out.  It’s the call of the wild, the untamed and unrestricted Spirit inside that is ready to be fully expressed.  Fearless and spontaneous, even blissful, let your being feel this now.  Let yourself go.  Pull out all the stops and defining elements in what is naturally flowing at all times.

Here in your natural flow of bliss and spontaneous Spiritedness you will recognize new feelings and sensations come alive.  These are feelings and sensations that have been locked away for a very long time, due to the manner of allowing this open-blissful Spirit to be judged and condemned by social “appropriateness”.  As you experience this unguarded expression of free-Spiritedness, you will also realize that what has been repressed is now useful to your new alive state of being.  You are now on a new level to understand the importance of what has been locked away deep within you for far too long.  Freedom is what is felt here.  A liberated joy-filled Spirit that comes alive and ignites new energies, that rejuvenates and excites new action and new life.

Let this be felt as full and complete as you can allow.  Once tasted, the new energies will fuel your new excitement and enthusiasm for a long term, as the freeing of the Spirit this way now becomes a regular desire to be felt and experienced.  Once this liberating process is understood you will not be without it.  Stay connected to your Highest Vibrations this way, as you will be compelled to in the needed revitalization of your being, inside and out.

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