Dis-comfort vs. Dis-ease

Breakthrough all the barriers now in your way of your wholeness and well-being, begin right here to step forward into the new life design you have created to experience.  Are you feeling a little out-of-place here, a little dis-comfort perhaps?  No worries, you are ready to take on this new phase of your life.  This is not the time to rot from standing in place for too long.  It is up to you to see your new potentials and opportunities, here before you.  Take your mind out of this scenario and begin to use your senses, feeling your way forward with each step that you take.  Recognizing your path this way will only lead you to that exact next step you need right now.

As you walk this way you are remaining in your True present moment, while still making great progress forward.  As you seek to understand and reveal your whereabouts you will also begin to strengthen your inner senses, as they become fine-tuned with the practice of remaining in your experience, step-by-step.  Recall your available wisdom here, as this extra-knowing will fill in the voids, blanks and unknowns, relieving any of your stress from doubts and fears in your uncertainty of the mysterious shadows you begin to encounter, upon this path of the unknown.  “Where is it that I am being guided to?” you may ask.  It is ok to ask this for, as you do, your answer shall begin to be revealed to you in its divinely timed fashion. You will now be holding a focus and expecting an answer to show itself.

Any question that you ask now will openly assist you upon this new path of unknowns and uncertainties.  Let yourself feel and flow any dis-comfort as it moves in and out of you without your resistance.  Allowing the dis-comfort disables the dis-ease, as dis-comfort inspires movement in healthy growth and expansion while dis-ease bottles fear, then turns it toxic from non-movement and stress build-up.  Dis-ease will not just go away.  One must become conscious of their manner in its cause and, from there, must begin to break-down its walls, initiating healthy flow once again.  As you now begin to understand here the importance of your attention to your overall movement and progress, you will also begin to embrace the inevitable dis-comfort that comes with this progress of your present and future well-being.

So, begin right where you are and take a long deep look at where you would like to be going.  Then,  without delay, step right onto this illuminated path of your new life chapter, waiting for you right now.

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