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An Enchanted Life

Fairy tales and happily-ever-after, does an enchanted life only mean make-believe, can our life have magic and color thus; do we create our enchanted life?  Enchanted could simply mean “as if seeing something for the first time”.  What am I now seeing this way, like a new born child who has not yet experienced the infinite wonders of this world?  Allowing my life to become more playful, with more fun and spontaneous activities, little or big adventures, traveling near or far, would all these not create an enchanted overlay to a regular/average life?  It’s time to engage yourself in this fashion; to become more aware of how enchanted fits into your everyday life.

Make the effort to have more fun along the way.  Simply let loose on old reigns of discipline and see what happens.  What you have been missing out on will immediately begin to surface; you are ready to create a new lifestyle this way.  Practice letting-loose, practice setting aside old routines.  Clear the clutter of old to-do lists and create a fresh palette to work from.  Schedule time-off without any particular reason.  Rearrange your thoughts to include allowing new thoughts in.  Add color to your life where it has been only neutral for so long.  Any little change now will add spice, pizzazz or excitement to what has seemed to gone dull and grey.

Reach out beyond all your norms, yes all of them, then allow yourself to come into a new balance from there.  Nothing hasty, take your time but don’t hesitate to taste-test.  There’s enormous opportunity here to unveil your gold within, all by allowing the magical changes now ready to come forward and be fully present.  No excuses are needed to play and have fun, you create “dazzling”.  Get into a new rhythm of life, feel its new pulse and heartbeat.  An enchanted life indeed!

Converging Souls Transcending Together

Converging souls attracted by love, love-of-self that ignites the flame of love for another.  Love cannot be shared unless the heart is illuminated and honored for its flow of glory and love, love for all things and gratitude for the now moments of one’s present existence.  Soul-to-soul deep connections are formed through the opening of the heart’s center, to give and receive love.  Souls communicate regularly outside the body’s structure, yet the one who holds the soul deep within will not recognize this ongoing communication if love-of-self is not in full flowing strength.

There is an ongoing attraction of souls seeking for their rightful connection.  This seeking acts like sonar, sending its unique signal out indefinitely in order to draw the one, its soul-mate, out of its hiding to merge and connect with its caller.  This is more than a magnetic attraction, it is a connection made to bring balance to the two beings coming together.  In their Divine time the two souls send out their signals to each other as a beckoning to come and merge for the purposes of a Higher balance.  This Higher balance does not happen instantaneously but is established over time, a shared experience between the two who have been adjoined as soul-mates.

There is much to be gained here.  For as two are merged and joined all other connecting souls with their respective beings are also merged, and become a part of this greater Higher balancing experience occurring.  The souls of all involved are acting on their own energetic frequencies to adjust and balance their respective beings in which they reside.  All energy becomes a mutually shared experience, whether their beings are conscious or unconscious of what is occurring.  The result of this soul-mate extravaganza is simply love, love now expanded, strengthened and powerfully flowing, freely and in a balanced way.  Soul-mates then are always soul-mates, even if the beings that house them decide to move on from the physical aspects of sharing their time and energy together.

Love cannot ever be divided or lost.  Love cannot be measured in any shared situation.  Once a bond is formed and souls merge to share their unique energies they are eternally connected, yet always able to move on to new connections.  Thus take note, as you realize true love in another, never hesitate to openly receive and embrace the call to connect with this love.  There is never a wrong or mistake when two are joined in the call to love, heart and soul and everything in-between.  As now this gift of love is shared exponentially with all others coming forward to make their new soul connections.

You’re A Star!

Shake up the norm, wake up the extraordinary, let go of the clutter and remove the debris of yesterday’s hardships!  You are new, you are original, and you are your very own star.  Stars illuminate the skies and they replace the darkness with their light.  Stars represent confidence, passion and high self-esteem.  Everyone is a star in their own unique way yet not everyone is willing to radiate their beams of glory.  Why would one ever hesitate to shine their Light, their gifted and unique way to illuminate the world?  This is your opportunity to shine now; it’s always been your opportunity.  What have you been waiting for?  Shine, all the way here, and do not hold back your brilliance, the wisdom of your heart and soul.  Only you can deliver your unique rays of Light.

How do you feel when you shine, when you radiate joyous, happy, energized and motivated?  Maybe determined, focused and rejuvenated?  Yes, all of these and maybe more.  One can only fully become their brilliance as they bestow it in their strength and full power.  Recognizing this time as your time to shine allows you to flip your internal switch to full allowing and watch your world change before you, as you now awaken to that which could not be seen or viewed before.  A relentless act of courage and honor to shine brilliantly, to radiate brilliantly, to allow your being its full freedom to reveal all that you are, as what was is immediately transformed into a new Light of Truth and certainty.

Through the eyes of glory and grace shine now with high beams, do not dim your Light for the naysayers, for as you shine this bright and brilliant you will soon transform their negativity and fear, creating their opportunity to now shine in their brilliance too.  There is no stopping a star that is gliding on its path of glory.  The momentum is firm and strong, and the integrity is solid.  Recognize now that this is you, this is who you are, and to wait another minute longer to bestow your brilliance with everything you’ve got, would be an evident denial of your time to shine in all of the glory and majesty of you.

The Essential Fortification of Your Power

What does it take for you to feel powerful?  Is it something you have to work at or does it just come natural to you?  Do you recognize the difference in “knowing” that you are powerful verses just “thinking” that you are?  Allowing you to just be who you are, do you feel powerful in your own skin, in expressing yourself just as you are right now, and in any situation or setting?  To answer these questions one may have to stop and assess for the answer, only because most will not give attention to their own power unless they are in a situation that challenges it.  So here, does one need to be concerned whether or not they are living and being in their greatest power?  As one looks at what it means to have power it is then they may find the answer, as to whether or not it is a concern to be in their greatest power.

If one looks at power as strength and durability, power may be an important element to their on-going processing and forward movement, day in and day out.  If one is to understand their own need to fuel their power, they may seek the essential elements needed in order to keep their power ignited and flowing strong.  Is this the only way to feel and know power, simply by how you are active day in and day out?  Here it becomes a practical, or physical need, that power is a way to be physically active and moving in your daily activities.  But what about you’re spiritual power, the power of your intuition, your inner senses, and your power to love?  How do these become fueled and strengthened on a regular basis?

You may feel the need to support the spiritual aspects of your power simply by giving them meaning and purpose in your life’s’ day-to-day activities.  Yet, how are you incorporating the essential fuel for the spiritual aspects of your power?  Are you attending to the needs of a Higher consciousness, less stress, and more peace in your life?  If so, you are generating a Higher purpose for this power of insight and intuition.  Every step you make toward living a life designed to bring you more peace and flowing serenity is an automatic route to fortifying your power, both physical and spiritual.

As you begin to understand that power is power and is essential on all levels, including physical and spiritual, you are then motivated by the meaning of having your Highest power in full flow in your life and at all times.  Once realized how this concept of power relates to the integrity of your daily life you will no longer want to experience anything but the Highest quality of your power in what you are capable to bring your life each and every day.  Enhance your life with the essential elements of your power and in doing so know the meaning of expecting the Highest and Best life to be lived and experienced by you.

How You Respond Will Be Up To You

Form, formation, structure, and discipline, who or what is in control of these or are they all just being what they are?  It is unlikely that you wonder whether your body’s skeletal system will sustain your every move. This is the same for your life’s growth and mastery, in what comes from your life experiences.  There is a Divine Plan that acts as your “overall life’s” skeletal structure, including many elements to this plan that morph and change during your lifetime.  The overall Divine Plan provides a structure or design which enables you to go through your life, learning through various experiences designed to bring you new understanding of what it is you came into this lifetime to learn.  Wisdom is revealed in all of life’s experiences.  This becomes a matter of you choosing to allow the understanding to be received.

“How does this happen?” you may ask.  “How do I become aware of something I didn’t know existed in the first place?”  Wisdom flows where the mind is empty, open, and willing to listen.  Wisdom will come forward as soon as seeking of understanding begins.  Like any measure of elements one must make room for what is to be received or newly increased.  Otherwise, what will be coming forth will not be able to act in its full and effective capacity, while struggling with many other elements or extremes.  When one is too full in the mind with too many variables the clarity of any individual piece of wisdom will not become evident, for the listener or receiver.  Quieting the mind is one way to receive wisdom in a clearer more uniform way.  Yet, in emptying the mind of all mind thought, mind chatter, and most of all mind “control”, it is then new wisdom is most likely to be recognized and interpreted in its fullest understanding.

As one goes about their life, living and experiencing their life in many degrees of receiving the wisdom of their experiences and lessons learned, they will come to understand how important each step of learning was, to each new step forward that’s been taken.  One begins to understand how they have relied upon each step of learning in order to live the life they are presently living, including recognizing their future dreams and opportunities from their new life steps and wisdom gained.  The integrity in the structure of one’s’ destiny becomes the common ground they walk in order to experience what it is they are experiencing and learning along the way.  You may not think about the deep intricacy of this unique path that you walk yet, somewhere deep inside, you come to know gratitude for its creation and value in your learning processes this lifetime.

Relying on The Integrity of Your Lessons Learned and Wisdom Gained

Leap right in… there’s nothing to fear!  You are ready, ready and set to go.  Expose yourself now to the unknown that stands before you, staring you right in the face.  As you look “eye-to-eye”, straight into the vast unknown before you, you are now able to awaken your powers of insight as this is what you have been preparing for, all along and up until now.  As you confront any fears of this unknown you immediately open yourself to the support that you need to navigate your way forward, right into the heart of this unknown that stands firmly before you.

You begin to realize there is a familiarity about this confrontation.  Still uncertain of what is unfolding, you begin to feel a new strength start to flow through your veins.  Your heart beats a little faster and your mind begins to expand with new thoughts.  Before you know it, you have firmly made up your mind to leap right into the fear, feeling fully protected from any demise.  Doubts begin to disappear and a new confidence of your preparedness and in who you are, takes its place.  You look around and realize you are not the same person you were, something has changed.  You begin to realize these changes came long ago; your past experiences have brought you to this point of new strength, almost unnoticed until right now.  Yes, you have been preparing for this new life adventure all along but just didn’t know the full ramifications of all of your hard work and challenges, which brought you to be right here, now.

Now what?  Now that you’ve stepped right into this new adventure, free and liberated from any fears of the uncertainties, where does one go from here?  Aha, but you remember, your heart will lead you, it always does, it has never let you down before.  Now it’s time to keep moving forward, listening to your heart saying “move on!” and allowing your feelings of pure joy to guide your next new steps into this unknown.  You will “just know”, you don’t need rationalizing or reasoning.  You will “just know” what you need to do next as you are fully prepared to be right where you are now, and in the direction that you are traveling.  There is peace within you; even though the unknown remains vast you know you will once again reveal the lessons of this “point-in-time”, along with awakening the wisdom that your heart holds in support of this extraordinary and magical journey you are on.

Why Bother Planning?

Why bother planning when plans are always susceptible to change?  What’s the point in having this plan-of-action when the variables can become vast, leaving us feeling without any plan or direction at all?  Discovering our best route or plan-of-action is an on-going process.  This on-going process includes many intricate elements we may not foresee until we are at a certain point in our process.  Once at any point in our process, we are realizing at some level, conscious or unconscious, that there are changes we would like to make.  There are elements we would like to add or subtract from what is presently on-going in the situation, or experience which we are involved in.  Allowing these unforeseen variables to spontaneously be included into our process then allows us to make new choices, choices that will come from that point we are at when our perspective is formed.

Yes, there are many points-of-view.  There are many ways to look at, assess, and consider what it is you feel you need right now.  What is it that you might need right now that will align you to this next new view of your life?  Here, you realize finding alignment in your process is a natural response to the point-of-view, or perspective you are taking.  Finding alignment becomes a noticed process, naturally activated by the whole process of creating what it is you would like to see, have, or experience right now.  Finding alignment is never separated from the whole, grand, or greater picture of the situation forming.  There is no way to stop its unforeseen forces, as it is integral to the whole process.  Thus, whatever it is you are choosing at that time or angle of your perspective, some type or level of alignment will occur in order to activate your natural motivation to move forward.  Your natural process of alignment is always working to comply with your perspective or point-of-view, and will not resist your version of what-is-what.  Complete cooperation is the service of alignment, as it has no judgment of your point-of-view.

Once we can recognize our own response-ability for this on-going loving process within us, we can then begin to realize our own response-ability to our point-of-view, our own perspective, and our own allowing of judgment, criticism, or labeling.  We realize that the more open, honest and liberated we are the easier going and freer we will be, in allowing our plans to change and in accepting the spontaneity of our alignment.  To address our needs on all levels, guiding and directing us exactly to where we need to be.

Nourishing Self-Talk

I release all my fears…

My life is a mirror of my thoughts…

I am willing to open and receive love…

Everything I am experiencing is in Divine order…


Let these words speak to you, heart and soul.  Open yourself up every day to provide for this type of nourishing self-talk.  It is necessary for you to provide the open channel to receive the love, beauty, and joyful Divine language of Heaven, always available to be tapped into. 

As you reach deeper and extend further out, into your available consciousness, you will also be expanding this Divine language of your soul and heavenly connection to your sacred channel or receptor.  Keep yourself open by removing all obstructions or “clogs” of negativity, immediately, as they will only build in their blockage without you removing what is not Highest and Best for you; you always know what that is.

You can trust your senses to guide you in all ways here, to distinguish and discern what it is you need right now to feel your Highest and Best, while moving forward.  Be your best guide here.  Remain diligent in your practice to nourish your being with only what loves and is True for you.