Relying on The Integrity of Your Lessons Learned and Wisdom Gained

Leap right in… there’s nothing to fear!  You are ready, ready and set to go.  Expose yourself now to the unknown that stands before you, staring you right in the face.  As you look “eye-to-eye”, straight into the vast unknown before you, you are now able to awaken your powers of insight as this is what you have been preparing for, all along and up until now.  As you confront any fears of this unknown you immediately open yourself to the support that you need to navigate your way forward, right into the heart of this unknown that stands firmly before you.

You begin to realize there is a familiarity about this confrontation.  Still uncertain of what is unfolding, you begin to feel a new strength start to flow through your veins.  Your heart beats a little faster and your mind begins to expand with new thoughts.  Before you know it, you have firmly made up your mind to leap right into the fear, feeling fully protected from any demise.  Doubts begin to disappear and a new confidence of your preparedness and in who you are, takes its place.  You look around and realize you are not the same person you were, something has changed.  You begin to realize these changes came long ago; your past experiences have brought you to this point of new strength, almost unnoticed until right now.  Yes, you have been preparing for this new life adventure all along but just didn’t know the full ramifications of all of your hard work and challenges, which brought you to be right here, now.

Now what?  Now that you’ve stepped right into this new adventure, free and liberated from any fears of the uncertainties, where does one go from here?  Aha, but you remember, your heart will lead you, it always does, it has never let you down before.  Now it’s time to keep moving forward, listening to your heart saying “move on!” and allowing your feelings of pure joy to guide your next new steps into this unknown.  You will “just know”, you don’t need rationalizing or reasoning.  You will “just know” what you need to do next as you are fully prepared to be right where you are now, and in the direction that you are traveling.  There is peace within you; even though the unknown remains vast you know you will once again reveal the lessons of this “point-in-time”, along with awakening the wisdom that your heart holds in support of this extraordinary and magical journey you are on.

1 thought on “Relying on The Integrity of Your Lessons Learned and Wisdom Gained

  1. Karen

    This is so right on and true! We are evolving and growing, always. There will never be a day just like today for any of us.
    Love of self as we honor our endless possibilities will show us that the “wisdom we seek is already within us.” What we do with it determines our days that follow this one.


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