How You Respond Will Be Up To You

Form, formation, structure, and discipline, who or what is in control of these or are they all just being what they are?  It is unlikely that you wonder whether your body’s skeletal system will sustain your every move. This is the same for your life’s growth and mastery, in what comes from your life experiences.  There is a Divine Plan that acts as your “overall life’s” skeletal structure, including many elements to this plan that morph and change during your lifetime.  The overall Divine Plan provides a structure or design which enables you to go through your life, learning through various experiences designed to bring you new understanding of what it is you came into this lifetime to learn.  Wisdom is revealed in all of life’s experiences.  This becomes a matter of you choosing to allow the understanding to be received.

“How does this happen?” you may ask.  “How do I become aware of something I didn’t know existed in the first place?”  Wisdom flows where the mind is empty, open, and willing to listen.  Wisdom will come forward as soon as seeking of understanding begins.  Like any measure of elements one must make room for what is to be received or newly increased.  Otherwise, what will be coming forth will not be able to act in its full and effective capacity, while struggling with many other elements or extremes.  When one is too full in the mind with too many variables the clarity of any individual piece of wisdom will not become evident, for the listener or receiver.  Quieting the mind is one way to receive wisdom in a clearer more uniform way.  Yet, in emptying the mind of all mind thought, mind chatter, and most of all mind “control”, it is then new wisdom is most likely to be recognized and interpreted in its fullest understanding.

As one goes about their life, living and experiencing their life in many degrees of receiving the wisdom of their experiences and lessons learned, they will come to understand how important each step of learning was, to each new step forward that’s been taken.  One begins to understand how they have relied upon each step of learning in order to live the life they are presently living, including recognizing their future dreams and opportunities from their new life steps and wisdom gained.  The integrity in the structure of one’s’ destiny becomes the common ground they walk in order to experience what it is they are experiencing and learning along the way.  You may not think about the deep intricacy of this unique path that you walk yet, somewhere deep inside, you come to know gratitude for its creation and value in your learning processes this lifetime.

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