The Essential Fortification of Your Power

What does it take for you to feel powerful?  Is it something you have to work at or does it just come natural to you?  Do you recognize the difference in “knowing” that you are powerful verses just “thinking” that you are?  Allowing you to just be who you are, do you feel powerful in your own skin, in expressing yourself just as you are right now, and in any situation or setting?  To answer these questions one may have to stop and assess for the answer, only because most will not give attention to their own power unless they are in a situation that challenges it.  So here, does one need to be concerned whether or not they are living and being in their greatest power?  As one looks at what it means to have power it is then they may find the answer, as to whether or not it is a concern to be in their greatest power.

If one looks at power as strength and durability, power may be an important element to their on-going processing and forward movement, day in and day out.  If one is to understand their own need to fuel their power, they may seek the essential elements needed in order to keep their power ignited and flowing strong.  Is this the only way to feel and know power, simply by how you are active day in and day out?  Here it becomes a practical, or physical need, that power is a way to be physically active and moving in your daily activities.  But what about you’re spiritual power, the power of your intuition, your inner senses, and your power to love?  How do these become fueled and strengthened on a regular basis?

You may feel the need to support the spiritual aspects of your power simply by giving them meaning and purpose in your life’s’ day-to-day activities.  Yet, how are you incorporating the essential fuel for the spiritual aspects of your power?  Are you attending to the needs of a Higher consciousness, less stress, and more peace in your life?  If so, you are generating a Higher purpose for this power of insight and intuition.  Every step you make toward living a life designed to bring you more peace and flowing serenity is an automatic route to fortifying your power, both physical and spiritual.

As you begin to understand that power is power and is essential on all levels, including physical and spiritual, you are then motivated by the meaning of having your Highest power in full flow in your life and at all times.  Once realized how this concept of power relates to the integrity of your daily life you will no longer want to experience anything but the Highest quality of your power in what you are capable to bring your life each and every day.  Enhance your life with the essential elements of your power and in doing so know the meaning of expecting the Highest and Best life to be lived and experienced by you.

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