You’re A Star!

Shake up the norm, wake up the extraordinary, let go of the clutter and remove the debris of yesterday’s hardships!  You are new, you are original, and you are your very own star.  Stars illuminate the skies and they replace the darkness with their light.  Stars represent confidence, passion and high self-esteem.  Everyone is a star in their own unique way yet not everyone is willing to radiate their beams of glory.  Why would one ever hesitate to shine their Light, their gifted and unique way to illuminate the world?  This is your opportunity to shine now; it’s always been your opportunity.  What have you been waiting for?  Shine, all the way here, and do not hold back your brilliance, the wisdom of your heart and soul.  Only you can deliver your unique rays of Light.

How do you feel when you shine, when you radiate joyous, happy, energized and motivated?  Maybe determined, focused and rejuvenated?  Yes, all of these and maybe more.  One can only fully become their brilliance as they bestow it in their strength and full power.  Recognizing this time as your time to shine allows you to flip your internal switch to full allowing and watch your world change before you, as you now awaken to that which could not be seen or viewed before.  A relentless act of courage and honor to shine brilliantly, to radiate brilliantly, to allow your being its full freedom to reveal all that you are, as what was is immediately transformed into a new Light of Truth and certainty.

Through the eyes of glory and grace shine now with high beams, do not dim your Light for the naysayers, for as you shine this bright and brilliant you will soon transform their negativity and fear, creating their opportunity to now shine in their brilliance too.  There is no stopping a star that is gliding on its path of glory.  The momentum is firm and strong, and the integrity is solid.  Recognize now that this is you, this is who you are, and to wait another minute longer to bestow your brilliance with everything you’ve got, would be an evident denial of your time to shine in all of the glory and majesty of you.

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