Converging Souls Transcending Together

Converging souls attracted by love, love-of-self that ignites the flame of love for another.  Love cannot be shared unless the heart is illuminated and honored for its flow of glory and love, love for all things and gratitude for the now moments of one’s present existence.  Soul-to-soul deep connections are formed through the opening of the heart’s center, to give and receive love.  Souls communicate regularly outside the body’s structure, yet the one who holds the soul deep within will not recognize this ongoing communication if love-of-self is not in full flowing strength.

There is an ongoing attraction of souls seeking for their rightful connection.  This seeking acts like sonar, sending its unique signal out indefinitely in order to draw the one, its soul-mate, out of its hiding to merge and connect with its caller.  This is more than a magnetic attraction, it is a connection made to bring balance to the two beings coming together.  In their Divine time the two souls send out their signals to each other as a beckoning to come and merge for the purposes of a Higher balance.  This Higher balance does not happen instantaneously but is established over time, a shared experience between the two who have been adjoined as soul-mates.

There is much to be gained here.  For as two are merged and joined all other connecting souls with their respective beings are also merged, and become a part of this greater Higher balancing experience occurring.  The souls of all involved are acting on their own energetic frequencies to adjust and balance their respective beings in which they reside.  All energy becomes a mutually shared experience, whether their beings are conscious or unconscious of what is occurring.  The result of this soul-mate extravaganza is simply love, love now expanded, strengthened and powerfully flowing, freely and in a balanced way.  Soul-mates then are always soul-mates, even if the beings that house them decide to move on from the physical aspects of sharing their time and energy together.

Love cannot ever be divided or lost.  Love cannot be measured in any shared situation.  Once a bond is formed and souls merge to share their unique energies they are eternally connected, yet always able to move on to new connections.  Thus take note, as you realize true love in another, never hesitate to openly receive and embrace the call to connect with this love.  There is never a wrong or mistake when two are joined in the call to love, heart and soul and everything in-between.  As now this gift of love is shared exponentially with all others coming forward to make their new soul connections.

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