An Enchanted Life

Fairy tales and happily-ever-after, does an enchanted life only mean make-believe, can our life have magic and color thus; do we create our enchanted life?  Enchanted could simply mean “as if seeing something for the first time”.  What am I now seeing this way, like a new born child who has not yet experienced the infinite wonders of this world?  Allowing my life to become more playful, with more fun and spontaneous activities, little or big adventures, traveling near or far, would all these not create an enchanted overlay to a regular/average life?  It’s time to engage yourself in this fashion; to become more aware of how enchanted fits into your everyday life.

Make the effort to have more fun along the way.  Simply let loose on old reigns of discipline and see what happens.  What you have been missing out on will immediately begin to surface; you are ready to create a new lifestyle this way.  Practice letting-loose, practice setting aside old routines.  Clear the clutter of old to-do lists and create a fresh palette to work from.  Schedule time-off without any particular reason.  Rearrange your thoughts to include allowing new thoughts in.  Add color to your life where it has been only neutral for so long.  Any little change now will add spice, pizzazz or excitement to what has seemed to gone dull and grey.

Reach out beyond all your norms, yes all of them, then allow yourself to come into a new balance from there.  Nothing hasty, take your time but don’t hesitate to taste-test.  There’s enormous opportunity here to unveil your gold within, all by allowing the magical changes now ready to come forward and be fully present.  No excuses are needed to play and have fun, you create “dazzling”.  Get into a new rhythm of life, feel its new pulse and heartbeat.  An enchanted life indeed!

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