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Step Right Up To Your Greatest Life On Earth!

“Come and see, step right up and experience the most amazing life and journey right here, right now, it’s all laid out for you.  Step right up and step right into your greatest life on Earth”!

What would you do if you heard these words?  Would you comply?  Would you be ready to do just that, to step right up and into your life without a single doubt, fear or worry about what will happen next, or how everything will unfold?  Do you feel this to already be your call?  That in order to become a part of what lies ahead you must first believe you can be a part of it all, believing that you are ready and able to do whatever is necessary to move forward on the path you will begin to walk?   You realize this path ahead holds all of your dreams and desires, that everything feels right and true, and without any guarantees of what will actually occur.  Are you ready to believe fully in answering your unique call to this path ahead and do you realize that you are the only one that can walk this unique way?

As you now become more aware of how much you long to be a part of what lies ahead, you also realize or even speculate what it may entail to be on this path ahead.  You may ask yourself “Can I do it”?  “Will I survive or will I thrive”?  Are you already worried about “not enough” or “too much” of something?  Can you visualize yourself fully being in your power and strength as you move along this path ahead?  You may not be able to see who will be helping you up ahead yet understand that this need not be your worry or concern.  As you observe the simplicity in just being right where you are and that it is all you need to keep moving forward into what’s new, you can then allow yourself to take a leap-of-faith.  To now firmly believe that whatever lies ahead feels so wonderful and that its pull is so strong, that it has to be right.  That this next step onto this new path is the way to move forward now, and somehow, someway, everything you need will be “there” once you get “there”, and to this place you are now going.

Can you even begin to imagine who will be there with you, or for you?  What would you like that to be for you or for those that you hope to be with?  Are you ready to offer yourself in an unconditional way, just as you would want from others?  Time to let down your guard and begin to trust everything that is pulling on your being now.  Begin to see your life as the greatest life on earth, the finest life you have ever lived in all ways.  As you do see this, then know you will be perfectly and adequately provided for. You wouldn’t be where you are now if this was not so.  See it all as so, and so it all shall be!

To Supress Anything Buries The Spirit

“Don’t say that!”…”Watch what you say!”…”Just be quiet so you don’t upset anyone!”…Are these words we are all familiar with, whether someone is saying them to us or we are saying them to our self?  What are we doing when we feel the deepest part of our self ignite with enthusiasm and passion to express our thoughts and feelings, then we immediately turn our inner valve to the off position, as in no-flow, no-speaking, or no-expressing?  Is it that we come face-to-face with fears or old familiar triggers, that rise up immediately to disallow any further expression in the situation?  Do we understand what this does to our state of being, which is only in a natural flow at all times?  We may have many reasons or excuses for this stop-valve we use, consciously or unconsciously, when we find our self in some compromised position.  Yet here, this would instead be the time to slow down, assess our situation along with the words, thoughts and feelings, and then vigilantly allow the natural flow to complete its fulfillment.

Anytime we suppress our thoughts and feelings that have come forward to be expressed we have then buried them, right in their tracks of where they were going.  Once anything, thought or felt, is laid to non-movement it then has the potential to turn into stagnant or unhealthy energy.  Wherever you stuffed that last feeling or great idea is right where it will sit, until it can be released or cleansed from its buried state.  Here is where layers begin to form.  Here, as more feelings or thoughts are newly buried, you now begin to create an impasse for other new thoughts and feelings being inspired and ignited from the deepest part of you, your Soul and Spirit.

We all know what it feels like when we are relieved of this condition of feeling buried or stagnant within.  When relieved, we feel the heaviness go away, and we begin to sense joy, love, peace and happiness with ease.  Our thoughts change from pain, anger or fear, to excitement, determination and passion.  Our health feels good on all levels, spiritual, physical, and emotional.  We are clearer in our decisions and willing to act on our choices for action, there is no depression or negativity.  All of what is feeling good and flowing is naturally delivering our full expression on all levels.  Yes, there are times when we feel quiet and reserved, yet this is when we are naturally flowing this way.  There is a great difference between attempting to shut the valves on what is flowing in its full power and strength, to naturally sensing and regulating the speed at which something flows.

Suppressing your thoughts and feelings will continue to bury the Spirit and Soul until you choose to liberate yourself from what has constricted or manipulated your flow this way.  Remove your illusive bondage and begin to open once again to your power of flowing goodness and well-being, cleansing and purifying the direct route once again, for your Soul and Spirit to radiate in its full expression.

The Privilege of Each Interaction

Flow with what we are given to work with.  Each interaction with another becomes an opportunity to share the best of who we are.  As we realize that each interaction is a privilege, or gifted opportunity, we can then let down our walls and fully open up to what is being offered, in the unique interaction and experience we’ve just been given. 

We start with the simple notion of showing-up and paying attention.  Here, we are able to accept or embrace the synchronicity and Divine Timing of each situation and experience we find our self in.  Here, as we allow our self to be fully present we can allow all the elements that are coming forward to also be present, without our judgment or defenses creating obstacles in what is attempting to unfold.  We are able to accept and receive the Higher Value or purpose of the interaction, simply by allowing our self to pay attention and focus on the uniqueness of what we are now fully engaged in.  Once absorbed we are now able to process the experience with compassion and objectivity, simply by holding the situation in its intention of privilege and gifted-ness, with all who are present.

As we process the experience through our unique channel of understanding and interpretation, we are then able to relay our version of Truth in what is now needed from us to share with all those present.  Once all persons have mutually shared what they feel is their contribution, it is then all can detach from any expectancy of what each individual takes away from the completed interaction or experience.  As each person engages in a way of mutual respect and appreciation, it is then all participants can walk away, knowing they have been completely opened and honored by the unique interaction that just took place.  Each participant will now walk away with their own unique interpretation of what just transpired, knowing that each individual is honoring their own Truth and allowing their own unique path to be blessed by what they were privileged to just partake in, and what is now part of their unique history.

Why Do You Doubt?

To see what you see or to know what you know, you are the ultimate interpreter.  Even as others project their thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes upon you, you will be the one to make the final decision in what you will allow yourself to believe or not believe.  What about those situations that appears matter-of-fact, seemingly one-way-only evidence that is black and white in its Truth?  Even as evidence may be black or white there is still an interpretation of how that fits or is applied into one’s life, or overall perspective of the situation.  Let yourself be your own final decider of what your Truth is, in any situation.

Once decided, what happens when doubt begins to set in?  How does doubt begin to form, then lead its way into what has already been determined as decided Truth in the situation? 

Doubt already resides as a possible aspect, or potential, in any situation or decision.  Doubt is triggered from within, when one begins to analyze their thoughts or decisions being made.  It acts as a natural contrasting agent to bring new thoughts or potentials forward that are viable and essential to the decision process.  Doubt becomes a catalyst for new creative thought.  It motivates one to dig deeper into their seeking efforts for the Truth at hand.  At any point where a decision is made, doubt will be available to further the process of insightful validation of the Truth at hand.  Even if doubt comes long after a decision is made it can still hold its strength as a catalyst for new thought.  Here, the one who formed the decision long ago has now progressed and changed in their thinking thus, as they question an old decision once thought as clear and evident in its nature, will seek new Truth from their present thought process.  There is never a clear-cut answer here when it comes to believing without ever doubting, as there will always be doubts in some way, shape, or form standing by ready to challenge the overall Truth in the situation or decision.

Do we say then that we will never have clarity or certainty; because doubt will always attempt to poke a hole in what we feel is clear and evident?  Hardly, doubt is always on stand-by until it is triggered into action otherwise, what one feels they believe as the Truth will be exactly that, their evident Truth with no questions asked.  Thus, in any situation where doubt rears its head to question your choice or decision, let go of any resistance to it and ask yourself “Why do I doubt?” and “What is the underlying influence of my doubts in this situation or decision?”  Allow the doubt to explain itself, simply by you looking at what you doubt with an honest, open, sincere heart and intention to reveal its Truth.  The bottom line is that, as you seek understanding, doubt will illuminate the understanding of what is needed from you now to make that next new clear decision of evident Truth.

Shift Into a New Gear With Your Creative Pursuits

And the sign says winding road ahead, prepare for undulation.  An exciting adventure calls you forward now.  Do you sense the variety and new direction you are now converging with?  This is a time of passion and adventure, a time to let your creative juices flow as you fuel progress full speed ahead.  Keep a new pace now and develop a new momentum knowing that, as you approach the bends in the road, you will be forewarned through your own internal guidance system.  There is no need to travel at a snail’s pace out of fear or doubt in your ability to know what is needed from you now.  Shifting into low gear may help when you feel uncertainty, yet you would not go very far if you don’t also utilize the other gears.  A windy road has its challenges, yet it also gives you the opportunity to experience many different angles or perspectives as you progress forward.  Each bends or straight-away will bring you the opportunity to make long-term and short-term decisions.

As you are able to see far off into the distance on the straight-away, you are able to capture the many different scenarios of what potentially lies ahead.  This is your time for smooth forward progress and to set a comfortable pace, one that allows you to visualize, imagine, and dream what it is you would like to encounter in your days ahead.  What do you want your future to look like?  Are you happy with the road you are on?  What would you like to see created along the way?  Anything goes here; this is your dream and future reality.  You are the creator here.  Don’t be afraid to get excited and step on the gas a bit.  Feel the rush of the wind in your hair and listen to your favorite music as it inspires your every thought.  Let yourself go as you ride straight into “happily ever after”.

Even the bends can have their excitement.  Most will be short-term as your physical vision may be limited by your need to stay focused, and on the path or road you are on.  This does not mean you cannot be creative.  Here on the bends one just needs to be ready with allowing their thoughts and ideas the freedom to be present, so that swift clear choices for action can be taken.  Here on the windy parts of the road one needs to hold their confidence in making quick clear decisions, there’s no time to vacillate.  As you remain focused and determined, along with committed to the greater intention of your creative pursuits, you will always know what to do when swift action for choosing comes into view. 

As you trust you’re knowing confidently so too then is your strength and power available, at the precise time you will need to know what it is you must creatively do.  Even to the extent that you may not do anything but change gears from low to high or high to low, knowing  it is just what is needed to stay right on track with your dreams, desires, and happiness.