Why Do You Doubt?

To see what you see or to know what you know, you are the ultimate interpreter.  Even as others project their thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes upon you, you will be the one to make the final decision in what you will allow yourself to believe or not believe.  What about those situations that appears matter-of-fact, seemingly one-way-only evidence that is black and white in its Truth?  Even as evidence may be black or white there is still an interpretation of how that fits or is applied into one’s life, or overall perspective of the situation.  Let yourself be your own final decider of what your Truth is, in any situation.

Once decided, what happens when doubt begins to set in?  How does doubt begin to form, then lead its way into what has already been determined as decided Truth in the situation? 

Doubt already resides as a possible aspect, or potential, in any situation or decision.  Doubt is triggered from within, when one begins to analyze their thoughts or decisions being made.  It acts as a natural contrasting agent to bring new thoughts or potentials forward that are viable and essential to the decision process.  Doubt becomes a catalyst for new creative thought.  It motivates one to dig deeper into their seeking efforts for the Truth at hand.  At any point where a decision is made, doubt will be available to further the process of insightful validation of the Truth at hand.  Even if doubt comes long after a decision is made it can still hold its strength as a catalyst for new thought.  Here, the one who formed the decision long ago has now progressed and changed in their thinking thus, as they question an old decision once thought as clear and evident in its nature, will seek new Truth from their present thought process.  There is never a clear-cut answer here when it comes to believing without ever doubting, as there will always be doubts in some way, shape, or form standing by ready to challenge the overall Truth in the situation or decision.

Do we say then that we will never have clarity or certainty; because doubt will always attempt to poke a hole in what we feel is clear and evident?  Hardly, doubt is always on stand-by until it is triggered into action otherwise, what one feels they believe as the Truth will be exactly that, their evident Truth with no questions asked.  Thus, in any situation where doubt rears its head to question your choice or decision, let go of any resistance to it and ask yourself “Why do I doubt?” and “What is the underlying influence of my doubts in this situation or decision?”  Allow the doubt to explain itself, simply by you looking at what you doubt with an honest, open, sincere heart and intention to reveal its Truth.  The bottom line is that, as you seek understanding, doubt will illuminate the understanding of what is needed from you now to make that next new clear decision of evident Truth.

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