The Privilege of Each Interaction

Flow with what we are given to work with.  Each interaction with another becomes an opportunity to share the best of who we are.  As we realize that each interaction is a privilege, or gifted opportunity, we can then let down our walls and fully open up to what is being offered, in the unique interaction and experience we’ve just been given. 

We start with the simple notion of showing-up and paying attention.  Here, we are able to accept or embrace the synchronicity and Divine Timing of each situation and experience we find our self in.  Here, as we allow our self to be fully present we can allow all the elements that are coming forward to also be present, without our judgment or defenses creating obstacles in what is attempting to unfold.  We are able to accept and receive the Higher Value or purpose of the interaction, simply by allowing our self to pay attention and focus on the uniqueness of what we are now fully engaged in.  Once absorbed we are now able to process the experience with compassion and objectivity, simply by holding the situation in its intention of privilege and gifted-ness, with all who are present.

As we process the experience through our unique channel of understanding and interpretation, we are then able to relay our version of Truth in what is now needed from us to share with all those present.  Once all persons have mutually shared what they feel is their contribution, it is then all can detach from any expectancy of what each individual takes away from the completed interaction or experience.  As each person engages in a way of mutual respect and appreciation, it is then all participants can walk away, knowing they have been completely opened and honored by the unique interaction that just took place.  Each participant will now walk away with their own unique interpretation of what just transpired, knowing that each individual is honoring their own Truth and allowing their own unique path to be blessed by what they were privileged to just partake in, and what is now part of their unique history.

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