To Supress Anything Buries The Spirit

“Don’t say that!”…”Watch what you say!”…”Just be quiet so you don’t upset anyone!”…Are these words we are all familiar with, whether someone is saying them to us or we are saying them to our self?  What are we doing when we feel the deepest part of our self ignite with enthusiasm and passion to express our thoughts and feelings, then we immediately turn our inner valve to the off position, as in no-flow, no-speaking, or no-expressing?  Is it that we come face-to-face with fears or old familiar triggers, that rise up immediately to disallow any further expression in the situation?  Do we understand what this does to our state of being, which is only in a natural flow at all times?  We may have many reasons or excuses for this stop-valve we use, consciously or unconsciously, when we find our self in some compromised position.  Yet here, this would instead be the time to slow down, assess our situation along with the words, thoughts and feelings, and then vigilantly allow the natural flow to complete its fulfillment.

Anytime we suppress our thoughts and feelings that have come forward to be expressed we have then buried them, right in their tracks of where they were going.  Once anything, thought or felt, is laid to non-movement it then has the potential to turn into stagnant or unhealthy energy.  Wherever you stuffed that last feeling or great idea is right where it will sit, until it can be released or cleansed from its buried state.  Here is where layers begin to form.  Here, as more feelings or thoughts are newly buried, you now begin to create an impasse for other new thoughts and feelings being inspired and ignited from the deepest part of you, your Soul and Spirit.

We all know what it feels like when we are relieved of this condition of feeling buried or stagnant within.  When relieved, we feel the heaviness go away, and we begin to sense joy, love, peace and happiness with ease.  Our thoughts change from pain, anger or fear, to excitement, determination and passion.  Our health feels good on all levels, spiritual, physical, and emotional.  We are clearer in our decisions and willing to act on our choices for action, there is no depression or negativity.  All of what is feeling good and flowing is naturally delivering our full expression on all levels.  Yes, there are times when we feel quiet and reserved, yet this is when we are naturally flowing this way.  There is a great difference between attempting to shut the valves on what is flowing in its full power and strength, to naturally sensing and regulating the speed at which something flows.

Suppressing your thoughts and feelings will continue to bury the Spirit and Soul until you choose to liberate yourself from what has constricted or manipulated your flow this way.  Remove your illusive bondage and begin to open once again to your power of flowing goodness and well-being, cleansing and purifying the direct route once again, for your Soul and Spirit to radiate in its full expression.

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