Step Right Up To Your Greatest Life On Earth!

“Come and see, step right up and experience the most amazing life and journey right here, right now, it’s all laid out for you.  Step right up and step right into your greatest life on Earth”!

What would you do if you heard these words?  Would you comply?  Would you be ready to do just that, to step right up and into your life without a single doubt, fear or worry about what will happen next, or how everything will unfold?  Do you feel this to already be your call?  That in order to become a part of what lies ahead you must first believe you can be a part of it all, believing that you are ready and able to do whatever is necessary to move forward on the path you will begin to walk?   You realize this path ahead holds all of your dreams and desires, that everything feels right and true, and without any guarantees of what will actually occur.  Are you ready to believe fully in answering your unique call to this path ahead and do you realize that you are the only one that can walk this unique way?

As you now become more aware of how much you long to be a part of what lies ahead, you also realize or even speculate what it may entail to be on this path ahead.  You may ask yourself “Can I do it”?  “Will I survive or will I thrive”?  Are you already worried about “not enough” or “too much” of something?  Can you visualize yourself fully being in your power and strength as you move along this path ahead?  You may not be able to see who will be helping you up ahead yet understand that this need not be your worry or concern.  As you observe the simplicity in just being right where you are and that it is all you need to keep moving forward into what’s new, you can then allow yourself to take a leap-of-faith.  To now firmly believe that whatever lies ahead feels so wonderful and that its pull is so strong, that it has to be right.  That this next step onto this new path is the way to move forward now, and somehow, someway, everything you need will be “there” once you get “there”, and to this place you are now going.

Can you even begin to imagine who will be there with you, or for you?  What would you like that to be for you or for those that you hope to be with?  Are you ready to offer yourself in an unconditional way, just as you would want from others?  Time to let down your guard and begin to trust everything that is pulling on your being now.  Begin to see your life as the greatest life on earth, the finest life you have ever lived in all ways.  As you do see this, then know you will be perfectly and adequately provided for. You wouldn’t be where you are now if this was not so.  See it all as so, and so it all shall be!

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