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Capturing Dimensional Possibilities

Recognize the deep connections you are sensing around you.  Wake up, wake up now from your coma state and hear the call now to rise to your newness.  Stop and assess, feel everything out first before attempting to jump to your feet.  Allow yourself to adjust to the unfamiliar now around you that you are sensing as vital to your new space and reality you are now residing in.  Find the right vibration for you; your heart will sense it.  Then know you are ready to awaken more to it, to you, to what’s inside of you now, to its purpose and meaning.  No fears or concerns here, this is a very natural process.  Letting go of any limiting thought at this time will generate a vast and deep opening for what is now new to arrive in its completion.

To finish here will automatically generate a new beginning, as the door or passage to the new reality is now visibly present.  “Enter here” you sense and know, “Enter now” as you feel you are fully ready to know what has been calling for your attention and questioning for some time.  It is time for answers as the questions are silenced by the inflowing wisdom now springing forth to be acknowledged in a grand way.  Release your uncertainty here and now.  Yes, now and without delay.   These are the moments you’ve been waiting for.  This is the time to make the big shift with the changes you are sensing as clear and obvious, and without a moment to lose.

It is time now for this new deeper dimensional connection already in progress.  Body, mind and Spirit recognize each other and nod in approval of their alignment generated from the acceptance of this connection deep, deep, deep within your being.  You are very wise here and you begin to own your power in your new flowing wisdom and evolution of your complete being.  All is well; you have just made the needed and necessary shift to new wholeness.

Questioning Reveals What’s Most Important

Why do we sometimes find the questions in our head annoying or irritating?  Do we feel we are being pushed or prodded, as if someone or something is attempting to make us do something we may not feel like doing, or distracting us from our already very busy and active mental processing?  “What is fighting for my attention now?” you might ask and “What am I to do with it?”  “How am I connected to these questioning thoughts or who else is connected to them?”  Why do we find resistance to the questions coming forward right now?  Is it because we are afraid of knowing or seeking out the answers?

To find the Truth in any situation we will need to allow the questions to come forward and to be present in their own way of coming forward.  Even the manner that these questions are worded becomes important to what is being revealed at this time.  As any process is unique in its own way of flowing in and out, we can seek compassion and understanding for what is being highlighted or accentuated through the wording and delivery of the questions now coming forth.  As we remove all judgment to the way our questions come to us we are then more open to the vast nature of what is asking of our attention at this point in time.

As we allow the vast nature of what is being questioned to be fully delivered, we can then utilize the various elements now exposed to form our new understanding of Truth being highlighted.  We now realize that the questions coming claims our knowing of their importance and we are able to give what is important the space to fully blossom and expose the Truth at hand.  “Will we know the right answers here?” we might ask.  “Will we ever know the complete Truth of what is calling for my attention right now?”  These are viable questions that can now come from our initial recognition of the importance of what is beckoning our attention.

Yes, questions answered will only lead to more questioning as the depth of any important realization can virtually be limitless.  Yet, we also come to know here that there will always be points of satisfaction.  There will always be a point where we unite the question with an answer which brings us our “aha” moment-of-Truth.  Here we are given, if even for a brief moment or two, a settled, peaceful, and harmonious feeling that we’ve reached the plateau and are able to take a break from any more questioning.  We now realize and embrace the importance of our awareness to everything that is flowing through us at any given moment.

A Divinely-Timed Experience

We wonder what’s on the other side of this experience we are presently engaged in.  We feel our uncertainty grow within for some reason or another, and then we stop and ask our self “Why am I even feeling uncertainty?  If I start to look at what is around me, what is it that I couldn’t see before but that I am able to see now?”  Even thinking this question may bring me some relief of the uncertainty, as it allows the rays of Light and hope to shine.  Yet, then I think “My situation, why do I call it that?  More than likely there are others involved in this situation I am presently experiencing.  Yes, maybe this is my new focus, that I am not alone here and that I am present in this particular setting and experience because I need to be, for the others also present here.”  I then begin to understand that all of us are present together to unveil our individual Truth of why we are all together at this most Divine time.

We each traveled here to this point in time.  For some it may have been a very lengthy trek, while for others it may have come rather quickly.  For some it may have been extremely challenging and feel like a miracle to be standing or engaged in this experience, right here and now.  For others coming to this point was matter-of-fact, maybe no big deal, yet they still come very ready to engage and join in to this Divinely timed experience to be shared.  Some are blissful and some are simply happy to partake in the exchanged energies and wisdom that will become a piece of this shared experience.  All will be shifted in some way however it will be allowed, a shallow affect or a very deep affect.  A shift is a shift and the synergy of the joined will create new fruit, new thoughts, new ideas, and new insights, inspiring and unveiling even more new Truth within each participant.

We then begin to realize how this all works in its grand way, as the limited past perception begins to fade ever so softly, ever so gently, ever so gracefully into the background, allowing what is now new to shine forth in its new Truth and understanding;  blessings and gifts to behold.

A Fruit-Bearing Shift

Are you happy while you work?  Are you happy to be alive and with your life thus far?  Tend to your home as home is where your heart is.  What is in your heart right now?  What do you see now, or would like to see for yourself in the near future?  This is what has been planted, these visions are your seeds that are gestating and growing now.  How will you nurture these beautiful visions of what is to be lived by you and all who you imagine to be there?  Nurturing takes effort and attention.  Any distractions will pull you away from giving your best efforts and full focus to the fullness and fulfillment of what you desire here to be made real.  Until you can fully capture your reality as your Truth to be made real it will only reside as a beautiful vision, limited to it its past and original version of truth.  Anything that sits for too long without loving care and attention will eventually dismantle and deteriorate, until it dissolves into nothingness.

Like any fruit-bearing event, it starts from a direct vision built from excitement and desire into its original form.  Once the fruit begins to emerge as a new blossom, it requires the tender loving care that a mother or father would give to their child.  All of the energy that can be given will go into this blossoming transformation, in order for it to move into its new form as the respective fruit it was originally intended to be.  The birth of this fruit from its blossom state now creates a great shift into a new reality, since it no longer is the blossom.  Upon completing this stage it now has moved on into its new form, new life, and new reality as the fruit to be harvested and shared.

This process is natural and naturally flowing in every way.  The fruit is fated to be what it is from the time of its origin as a seed.  Its destiny is to live as the fruit until it is no longer alive, yet it will not die until it sheds its seeds once again.  And the cycle continues, as the new seeds continue to adapt and change until their finality of continuance is created.

Temperance in Balancing Our Power

Remove the obstacles created from old ways of thinking.  Our power is our fuel that motivates and drives our whole being to work together in any action we are taking or making.  As we ignite or stimulate our power we are empowering our self on all levels.  Even if we are focused on only one level of empowering our being we will still be affecting all of our being, the entire outcome is affected in a “whole” way.  Thus as we consider our natural balancing of our whole being, body, mind, emotions, and Spirit, we begin to realize that our focus on empowering our self at any one of these levels is a result of needed balancing at that level.

If our physical health seemed compromised we would address it by what may be needed, more sleep, less stress, maybe more exercise.  We also know that as our physical health is compromised or out of balance, we may feel emotionally drained or depressed.  We may think thoughts of worry or negativity that we are not able to accomplish what we feel we need to, for lack of energy and physical action.  As we realize our need for balance on any level, we are immediately given the gift to empower our self to a new balance once again.

Yes, there is an immediate result in this decision to empower our self to act as, once the decision is made, your power to act is ignited, and the drive or motivation to make the needed changes comes forth in agreement with its purpose and intention for needed action.  There is never a time where you are without power, in any situation.  Your choice to take action is all that is needed to bring forth empowerment and all the right ingredients for a new balance to occur.

Thus never give up as you feel the fire burning within you, igniting passion and desire to take action you are sensing is right and true for you now.  Every moment is a moment for new adjustments and new alignment, to all that you are seeking and sensing now as important to your wholeness and overall well-being, body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.

Empowerment…Giving Our Self Permission to Act

Be your own best friend.  Be your own coach.  What do you allow in your daily conversations inside of your head?  Do you recognize and pay attention to the conversations you share with your friends, coworkers, and family members?  What kinds of relations do you embrace and what will you not tolerate?  Most everyone wants to be spoken to in a kind and respectful manner, with an open realization that we may need to be more sensitive at certain times.  We all have varying emotions on a daily basis and , depending on life events or life challenges, emotions can reach extremes, whether highs or lows.  To understand this as a way to apply it then opens our awareness to what we are allowing being prevalent, as a way to empower our self.

 In some way we all mirror each other, thus those that are closest around us will have a higher degree of impact on what we allow as our inner and outer communications.  We all have personality types, on a scale of shy and reserved to bold and assertive.  Thus the level of communications can vary, not only in what is said but how it is said.  Just because someone may be more on one end of this scale, it will not make them any less effective when communicating with someone at the other end of this scale.  The words and the actions, of the relater and the receiver, will all play a role in what translations and transactions take place.  It is always up to each individual to empower their self, to allow or not allow what it is they feel as healthy or empowering communications.  We are the one to feed and fuel our self-talk and beyond that, to empower our self to take whatever necessary action to keep the right balance in what we are giving and receiving.

Recognize your power here allowing you to take the needed and necessary right action for you and your progress forward in your amazing life.  It all starts and stops with you!

Simply Simple In Every Way!

Start with the basics, the simplest form of right where you are now.  Are you breathing?  Is your heart beating?  Basically, are you alive at some level or definition of “alive”?  Here then is your simplest form or requirement to keep going on your path, or earth journey this lifetime.  Next, simply ask yourself “What do I need right now to take the next step forward”?  “Do I need more strength or courage, less fear or doubt”?  Or from another angle, “Do I need more money, more love or support, a better job or relationship”?  Can we begin to see the Truth here in our development of moving our self forward in a progressive way once again?

Is effectiveness or perfection important in our next steps forward?  If our intention is simplicity of being who we are and allowing our full expression of our authentic self, then we are in Truth already perfect and can only be effective in what we engage in.  The simplicity is how we are allowing this definition of “simply being” to be the priority in our every steps we make.

We all sense to some degree our inspiration, dreams and desires, which create a focus forward for us.  These will also create a vibrant energy that will ignite our motivation, passions and excitement if allowed.  Yet, we realize it is up to us to let this all be what it is, as it is, while we simply remain in our intention to “be”.  As we now move along forward, we also come to realize that everything we may need will become evident, as it is necessary for us to remain in this simplest form of being.  We realize the more we allow our most innocent, natural and simplest way of being we will always have everything we need.  That all of our dreams and compelling motivating ideas are simply fuel for getting us right where we need to be, and at that right time we need to be there.

There are no fears in this simplest form.  There are no doubts or agitations, worries or anxiety.  We are simply simple in every way, thus everything along the way is simple too.  Everything simply comes and goes to fulfill each need or purpose in its Divine time to do so.

Do we feel relief in this knowing of being who we are, growing as needed, and moving forward with a joy in our steps?  The answer is simply ours to define.  We realize our life is simply what we make it and has been simply ours all along!