Simply Simple In Every Way!

Start with the basics, the simplest form of right where you are now.  Are you breathing?  Is your heart beating?  Basically, are you alive at some level or definition of “alive”?  Here then is your simplest form or requirement to keep going on your path, or earth journey this lifetime.  Next, simply ask yourself “What do I need right now to take the next step forward”?  “Do I need more strength or courage, less fear or doubt”?  Or from another angle, “Do I need more money, more love or support, a better job or relationship”?  Can we begin to see the Truth here in our development of moving our self forward in a progressive way once again?

Is effectiveness or perfection important in our next steps forward?  If our intention is simplicity of being who we are and allowing our full expression of our authentic self, then we are in Truth already perfect and can only be effective in what we engage in.  The simplicity is how we are allowing this definition of “simply being” to be the priority in our every steps we make.

We all sense to some degree our inspiration, dreams and desires, which create a focus forward for us.  These will also create a vibrant energy that will ignite our motivation, passions and excitement if allowed.  Yet, we realize it is up to us to let this all be what it is, as it is, while we simply remain in our intention to “be”.  As we now move along forward, we also come to realize that everything we may need will become evident, as it is necessary for us to remain in this simplest form of being.  We realize the more we allow our most innocent, natural and simplest way of being we will always have everything we need.  That all of our dreams and compelling motivating ideas are simply fuel for getting us right where we need to be, and at that right time we need to be there.

There are no fears in this simplest form.  There are no doubts or agitations, worries or anxiety.  We are simply simple in every way, thus everything along the way is simple too.  Everything simply comes and goes to fulfill each need or purpose in its Divine time to do so.

Do we feel relief in this knowing of being who we are, growing as needed, and moving forward with a joy in our steps?  The answer is simply ours to define.  We realize our life is simply what we make it and has been simply ours all along!

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