Empowerment…Giving Our Self Permission to Act

Be your own best friend.  Be your own coach.  What do you allow in your daily conversations inside of your head?  Do you recognize and pay attention to the conversations you share with your friends, coworkers, and family members?  What kinds of relations do you embrace and what will you not tolerate?  Most everyone wants to be spoken to in a kind and respectful manner, with an open realization that we may need to be more sensitive at certain times.  We all have varying emotions on a daily basis and , depending on life events or life challenges, emotions can reach extremes, whether highs or lows.  To understand this as a way to apply it then opens our awareness to what we are allowing being prevalent, as a way to empower our self.

 In some way we all mirror each other, thus those that are closest around us will have a higher degree of impact on what we allow as our inner and outer communications.  We all have personality types, on a scale of shy and reserved to bold and assertive.  Thus the level of communications can vary, not only in what is said but how it is said.  Just because someone may be more on one end of this scale, it will not make them any less effective when communicating with someone at the other end of this scale.  The words and the actions, of the relater and the receiver, will all play a role in what translations and transactions take place.  It is always up to each individual to empower their self, to allow or not allow what it is they feel as healthy or empowering communications.  We are the one to feed and fuel our self-talk and beyond that, to empower our self to take whatever necessary action to keep the right balance in what we are giving and receiving.

Recognize your power here allowing you to take the needed and necessary right action for you and your progress forward in your amazing life.  It all starts and stops with you!

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