Temperance in Balancing Our Power

Remove the obstacles created from old ways of thinking.  Our power is our fuel that motivates and drives our whole being to work together in any action we are taking or making.  As we ignite or stimulate our power we are empowering our self on all levels.  Even if we are focused on only one level of empowering our being we will still be affecting all of our being, the entire outcome is affected in a “whole” way.  Thus as we consider our natural balancing of our whole being, body, mind, emotions, and Spirit, we begin to realize that our focus on empowering our self at any one of these levels is a result of needed balancing at that level.

If our physical health seemed compromised we would address it by what may be needed, more sleep, less stress, maybe more exercise.  We also know that as our physical health is compromised or out of balance, we may feel emotionally drained or depressed.  We may think thoughts of worry or negativity that we are not able to accomplish what we feel we need to, for lack of energy and physical action.  As we realize our need for balance on any level, we are immediately given the gift to empower our self to a new balance once again.

Yes, there is an immediate result in this decision to empower our self to act as, once the decision is made, your power to act is ignited, and the drive or motivation to make the needed changes comes forth in agreement with its purpose and intention for needed action.  There is never a time where you are without power, in any situation.  Your choice to take action is all that is needed to bring forth empowerment and all the right ingredients for a new balance to occur.

Thus never give up as you feel the fire burning within you, igniting passion and desire to take action you are sensing is right and true for you now.  Every moment is a moment for new adjustments and new alignment, to all that you are seeking and sensing now as important to your wholeness and overall well-being, body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.

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