A Fruit-Bearing Shift

Are you happy while you work?  Are you happy to be alive and with your life thus far?  Tend to your home as home is where your heart is.  What is in your heart right now?  What do you see now, or would like to see for yourself in the near future?  This is what has been planted, these visions are your seeds that are gestating and growing now.  How will you nurture these beautiful visions of what is to be lived by you and all who you imagine to be there?  Nurturing takes effort and attention.  Any distractions will pull you away from giving your best efforts and full focus to the fullness and fulfillment of what you desire here to be made real.  Until you can fully capture your reality as your Truth to be made real it will only reside as a beautiful vision, limited to it its past and original version of truth.  Anything that sits for too long without loving care and attention will eventually dismantle and deteriorate, until it dissolves into nothingness.

Like any fruit-bearing event, it starts from a direct vision built from excitement and desire into its original form.  Once the fruit begins to emerge as a new blossom, it requires the tender loving care that a mother or father would give to their child.  All of the energy that can be given will go into this blossoming transformation, in order for it to move into its new form as the respective fruit it was originally intended to be.  The birth of this fruit from its blossom state now creates a great shift into a new reality, since it no longer is the blossom.  Upon completing this stage it now has moved on into its new form, new life, and new reality as the fruit to be harvested and shared.

This process is natural and naturally flowing in every way.  The fruit is fated to be what it is from the time of its origin as a seed.  Its destiny is to live as the fruit until it is no longer alive, yet it will not die until it sheds its seeds once again.  And the cycle continues, as the new seeds continue to adapt and change until their finality of continuance is created.

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