A Divinely-Timed Experience

We wonder what’s on the other side of this experience we are presently engaged in.  We feel our uncertainty grow within for some reason or another, and then we stop and ask our self “Why am I even feeling uncertainty?  If I start to look at what is around me, what is it that I couldn’t see before but that I am able to see now?”  Even thinking this question may bring me some relief of the uncertainty, as it allows the rays of Light and hope to shine.  Yet, then I think “My situation, why do I call it that?  More than likely there are others involved in this situation I am presently experiencing.  Yes, maybe this is my new focus, that I am not alone here and that I am present in this particular setting and experience because I need to be, for the others also present here.”  I then begin to understand that all of us are present together to unveil our individual Truth of why we are all together at this most Divine time.

We each traveled here to this point in time.  For some it may have been a very lengthy trek, while for others it may have come rather quickly.  For some it may have been extremely challenging and feel like a miracle to be standing or engaged in this experience, right here and now.  For others coming to this point was matter-of-fact, maybe no big deal, yet they still come very ready to engage and join in to this Divinely timed experience to be shared.  Some are blissful and some are simply happy to partake in the exchanged energies and wisdom that will become a piece of this shared experience.  All will be shifted in some way however it will be allowed, a shallow affect or a very deep affect.  A shift is a shift and the synergy of the joined will create new fruit, new thoughts, new ideas, and new insights, inspiring and unveiling even more new Truth within each participant.

We then begin to realize how this all works in its grand way, as the limited past perception begins to fade ever so softly, ever so gently, ever so gracefully into the background, allowing what is now new to shine forth in its new Truth and understanding;  blessings and gifts to behold.

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