Questioning Reveals What’s Most Important

Why do we sometimes find the questions in our head annoying or irritating?  Do we feel we are being pushed or prodded, as if someone or something is attempting to make us do something we may not feel like doing, or distracting us from our already very busy and active mental processing?  “What is fighting for my attention now?” you might ask and “What am I to do with it?”  “How am I connected to these questioning thoughts or who else is connected to them?”  Why do we find resistance to the questions coming forward right now?  Is it because we are afraid of knowing or seeking out the answers?

To find the Truth in any situation we will need to allow the questions to come forward and to be present in their own way of coming forward.  Even the manner that these questions are worded becomes important to what is being revealed at this time.  As any process is unique in its own way of flowing in and out, we can seek compassion and understanding for what is being highlighted or accentuated through the wording and delivery of the questions now coming forth.  As we remove all judgment to the way our questions come to us we are then more open to the vast nature of what is asking of our attention at this point in time.

As we allow the vast nature of what is being questioned to be fully delivered, we can then utilize the various elements now exposed to form our new understanding of Truth being highlighted.  We now realize that the questions coming claims our knowing of their importance and we are able to give what is important the space to fully blossom and expose the Truth at hand.  “Will we know the right answers here?” we might ask.  “Will we ever know the complete Truth of what is calling for my attention right now?”  These are viable questions that can now come from our initial recognition of the importance of what is beckoning our attention.

Yes, questions answered will only lead to more questioning as the depth of any important realization can virtually be limitless.  Yet, we also come to know here that there will always be points of satisfaction.  There will always be a point where we unite the question with an answer which brings us our “aha” moment-of-Truth.  Here we are given, if even for a brief moment or two, a settled, peaceful, and harmonious feeling that we’ve reached the plateau and are able to take a break from any more questioning.  We now realize and embrace the importance of our awareness to everything that is flowing through us at any given moment.

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