Capturing Dimensional Possibilities

Recognize the deep connections you are sensing around you.  Wake up, wake up now from your coma state and hear the call now to rise to your newness.  Stop and assess, feel everything out first before attempting to jump to your feet.  Allow yourself to adjust to the unfamiliar now around you that you are sensing as vital to your new space and reality you are now residing in.  Find the right vibration for you; your heart will sense it.  Then know you are ready to awaken more to it, to you, to what’s inside of you now, to its purpose and meaning.  No fears or concerns here, this is a very natural process.  Letting go of any limiting thought at this time will generate a vast and deep opening for what is now new to arrive in its completion.

To finish here will automatically generate a new beginning, as the door or passage to the new reality is now visibly present.  “Enter here” you sense and know, “Enter now” as you feel you are fully ready to know what has been calling for your attention and questioning for some time.  It is time for answers as the questions are silenced by the inflowing wisdom now springing forth to be acknowledged in a grand way.  Release your uncertainty here and now.  Yes, now and without delay.   These are the moments you’ve been waiting for.  This is the time to make the big shift with the changes you are sensing as clear and obvious, and without a moment to lose.

It is time now for this new deeper dimensional connection already in progress.  Body, mind and Spirit recognize each other and nod in approval of their alignment generated from the acceptance of this connection deep, deep, deep within your being.  You are very wise here and you begin to own your power in your new flowing wisdom and evolution of your complete being.  All is well; you have just made the needed and necessary shift to new wholeness.

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