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Defining The “Other Side”

Starry starry night, where do all those stars come from?  What’s out “there” that we have not uncovered or revealed yet?  Where is “there”?  How do we even know that there is a “there” somewhere?  As we look at our physical life we easily say we are born into this life, we live until we die and then we leave this life.  Birth is where we start breathing air and death is when we stop breathing air.  And then, where is it that we go?  Or, do we no longer exist?  For those of us who have experienced what we call the “other side” or the “Spirit world” we would say our Spirits energy transitions into another dimension or reality upon death in this physical reality.  Here we would consider the “other side” to be a part of the continuum of a connected reality we are already traveling through.

What do we know about the “other side”?  From what we have gathered it is a non-physical dimension with properties of energy and characteristics of a space without any physical constraints.  Thus we assume it is a space composed of unknowns and immeasurable elements.  For some, when saying the “other side” may immediately see it as a separate place in time, like some kind of planet or star.  We may even call it Heaven without considering any other aspects of its natural make-up.  In more general terms we may say that there’s a co-existing physical/limited space reality and a non-physical/infinite space reality.  From this general definition we can see how our understanding of the “other side” becomes limited by our perception and understanding of the possibilities and potentials associated with the “other side”.    

Why do we bother asking about the “other side”?  Simply by taking a deeper look into what it is we are addressing as the “other side we allow for the opening to a deeper understanding of what is actually occurring or residing in this “other side” experience.  Yes, the “other side” is an experience, just as our physical life is.  And, as we remain connected to our individual Spirit-energy we realize that this is how we travel through the many dimensions or realities on the continuum.

Without question many of us sense much more going on within our own physical reality, along with what exists on the “other side.  Yet too, many of us have a hard enough time seeing life and meaning beyond ourselves and our small communities, let alone attempt to become aware of other countries or the world at large.  “Why is that?” you may ask.  “What prevents us from seeking a greater understanding of these concepts we so easily take for granted and in our limited way of keeping our self from becoming involved?  As we begin to acknowledge our greater awareness we can then begin to acknowledge our greater understanding of that awareness and its vast nature longing to become a more intimate part of which we are, as well as our role in it.  Perhaps it’s time to ask more questions within ourselves , especially now as we begin to realize what is calling out for our greater attention and connection to all that is around us and to what is ready to be newly revealed and understood at much deeper levels than we have yet to understand and know.


Imagine a great BIG world out there where you can experience anything your heart desires.  Yes, anything, where there’s a will there’s a way.  Quit putting any limitations on what this might have to be or look like.  As long as you are in your body you are given the free will to have any experience that seems to gain your attention or that draws you toward it.

So you might ask yourself “What am I waiting for, why not just follow through on my whims and ideas?”  “What would be holding me back from experiencing anything that I felt a strong draw toward it?”

You might immediately respond saying “I don’t have enough money or enough time.”  Yet in Truth, most anything can be experienced in your imagination.  Just make the time and it’s free of charge.

Then again you might respond “That’s not good enough; I want to know and experience my dreams and desires in the material world, where things are physical and solid.”

Where do you think the initial thought or thoughts for your dreams and desires originate?  More than likely they started somewhere in your minds imagination, the place where any thoughts or ideas can be conceived, then nurtured over time for as long as you keep them there.  Once your imagination holds the chosen thoughts and ideas it will then begin to expand on them by way of you seeing, feeling, or sensing other new thoughts and ideas, which will connect to and feed the original ones maturing inside, helping them to grow and expand until their birth into physical form.

How’s that what is growing and expanding in my imagination actualized into the physical reality which I want to experience it in?  Ready-set-go and push, when it is time for birth all the right elements come together internally and externally.  And with the right motivational forces, what has been created in the womb of your imagination is now being lived and experienced by you in your physical reality.  The steps getting there can be rather simple as long as right action continues to open the doors to the next new steps ready to be taken by you.

Imagination…The Womb of Creative Conception

So often we will put our imagination in a locked closet and throw away the key, out of fear or doubt in what’s going on in this part of our self.  Our imagination is a viable and very active part of our “human-ness”.  Whether we realize it or not we use this part of our mind on a regular basis, processing many of our thoughts and ideas as we receive them.  Most of this processing is done on an unconscious level.  Because of our multi-tasking busy-ness we have a tendency to miss out on any lengthy deliberations around what we may be processing in our imagination, in our present moments awareness.  Most of us feel a great shift when we allow our self to be fully awake to our imagination’s processing of our thoughts and ideas, dreams and desires.  Depending where we are at with our attitude or perspective we can usually find great joy and delight while engaged in our imagination, mostly because of the freedom we feel when we are there, and present in what is being created.

Most of what we process in our imagination we will dismiss as being “only” dreams or “just” fantasies, implying dissolved credibility of what we are experiencing in this place we call our imagination.  “Could we go so far as to call our imagination reality?” we might ask.  Do we find our self immediately taking a stand to say “There’s no way that what I am experiencing in my imagination has ground for Truth or viability, it’s not real or practical, and just crazy thoughts and ideas twisting and turning in my mind”?  Is this what we would call a normal response to the output or results of our imaginative process?

Being that it is always our choice in what we will or will not do with the makings and processing of this part of our self, it can then be surmised that our imagination will be the part of us that we will allow to be or not to be worthy and credible in our present reality.  How far are you willing to go to honor and trust the beauty and magnificence of this gift of your imagination and allowing it the importance as in any other part of your body, such as your heart beating life-force and your lungs processing the air you breathe?

Where is Our Expectancy Taking Us?

News flash…Attention!  An updated report is coming…We interrupt this program to bring you a very special message…

What does it take to get our attention, an “excuse me!” or “hey you!”?  Do you sense any type of bold interruptions during your busy day that may be coming from within you?  Is there an inner voice that may be speaking directly to you, spelling out your name to get your attention in order to fill your recent requests, delivering answers to your questions and prayers?  What will it take to get your attention this way?  Are you willing to participate in your life with a greater awareness to what is now allowing you greater awareness?  “What is that?” you might ask.  “How does one go about building a greater awareness to something they don’t know is even accessible?”

For most fear and doubt become the easy excuse to keep living with the same behaviors or ways of going about their time.  Moment to moment a reality is lived.  Moment to moment you are altered and shifted by that reality.  Just as one is given access to the “refresh” button on their computer you are always given the same option with your life view or perspective, about what you are presently experiencing.  Imagine using a “refresh” button on your day-to-day living, refreshing your thoughts and ideas with what new information or understanding that has come forward, while you input your daily comings and goings.  Imagine you could press this “refresh” button as often as you needed, whenever you felt pain and suffering, fear and doubt, confusion and chaos.  Where you could eliminate worry or fear from your next steps because you were able to update yourself on the version of reality you were presently allowing yourself to participate in.  Would you hesitate to refresh your life this way, to allow yourself to become clearer in understanding all that you were presently experiencing?  Or would you rather keep yourself in the shadows of chaos and fear, only because this was the more normal comfort zone for you?

“Why would we want to refresh our outlook when it might mean changes that we don’t feel we want to face?” you might ask.  On the other side of refresh is…???  Yes, that is usually the case isn’t it?  We know it is a mystery or an unknown and based on our past experience some of those experiences were extremely tough challenges to work through.  Where is our expectancy taking us in these situations?  Are we willing to leave our self behind, to grow stale because we are too afraid to refresh and rejuvenate our situation and our life?  Is this something you feel you are presently experiencing?  Is it time to find your “refresh” button and learn to use this as a powerful tool for renewal in your days ahead?  Practice makes any skill useful and viable.  There’s no telling how much or how far one might go in their new use and practical application of refreshing their life’s day-to-day deliverance of magical and amazing.

Dissolve Fear by Refreshing Your Reality

When bold action is felt needed or necessary, what is this telling you?  When you feel compelled to leap into a void or drive into the unknown, what comes to the forefront along with this surge of driving force?  Do you immediately put up flags of fear and throw your anchors out to stop all movement?  As the strength of this compelling drive is one that doesn’t come often, when it does do you begin to realize that something big is about to happen?  Is it time for “refresh” perhaps?  Is it time to review what has brought you here yet continue to move forward, without breaking momentum?  “Can I do that?” you might ask.  “Can I assess while still allowing the forward drive to keep me moving in the direction I feel I am going?”

Refresh yourself here, simply acknowledge the strong forces at work and work with them by refreshing their meaning and purpose for being present.  You are rolling along going with the flow and suddenly you sense “the big push”, a sudden force much different and much stronger than everything up to this point, yet you sense this force still belongs to the direction you are going and flowing.  Swift assessments for clarity come from refreshing your wisdom and knowledge up until now.  “What have I learned so far about where I may be right now?” you might ask.  “What tools are available that I may need to access right now that will assist the consistent flow of power and momentum, even though the forces have changed and grown stronger in some fashion?”  You begin to realize you can refresh your understanding of what is needed now as much or as little as you want.  Refreshing what is your Truth is within your power, no one can do this for you.

With every refresh comes a new view or perspective, as refresh is a deliberate and focused attempt to gain clarity in some way, from some angle, or in some regard to what you feel you need right now.  Fear may come with the sense of the unknown bearing down on you but refreshing your perspective can eliminate that fear, by reminding you of the Truth and accessible resources now present.  “What if I don’t know how to use these new resources?” you might ask yourself.  Anything that comes forward upon refreshing your view and Truth can only be Truth.  There is something viable about what you uncovered and revealed with each refresh, whether it’s a little or a lot.  Big or small, you would not recognize what it is you now see, feel, or know if you were not ready to see, feel, or know its purpose for being now available to you.  The Truth never lies thus there is nothing to fear when utilizing refresh as your available tool in your progress forward.

Reality…Embodying Time

No matter how any one person may define reality it becomes their own version or definition through their unique perception.  What is it here that we are resisting when it comes to this subject of “reality”?  Immediately we may feel our comfort zone or Truth being confronted or imposed upon, as our reality includes our own security levels of what we feel is safe or dangerous to venture into.  Allowing our self to consider embodying many dimensions may immediately place us in fear of losing track of the reality that we feel we are already in. Yet, if we define reality based upon where we are at in any given moment of time  we then realize we are already experiencing many dimensions, as we constantly shift with the natural flow and processing of our embodied time, consciously and unconsciously.  Thus, as we observe what we are experiencing on a moment-to-moment basis we will continue to morph and change our view with the many elements or affects we are given to work with within that given moment of time.

To see our self in the same situation or experience without any new developments is highly unlikely, something will always be new or changing.  What if we allowed our self to take this Truth one step further and actually became part of its True form, where we can begin to unfold with its reality as it is already coming forth to be “real”?  “Reality” does not have to only mean what is physically seen or touched; we know we can sense the unseen as it has been validated to us over and over again.  Then how do we embody a reality or what we believe is real to us?  The answer is “How are you embodying your reality right now?”  Is there any difference between the physically seen and sensing the unseen, when both are mutually connected and consistently sharing their unique characteristics?  One part of you will not experience something that another part of you will not.  You experience at a dimensional capacity thus all dimensions are experiencing something, at some level and in all experiences.

Begin by awakening to this now.   Understanding your dimensional capacity allows you to have many options in your choices for processing and moving forward.  Take yourself out of your limited dimensional comfort zones and begin to experience for yourself the vast nature of your magnificent being.