Reality…Embodying Time

No matter how any one person may define reality it becomes their own version or definition through their unique perception.  What is it here that we are resisting when it comes to this subject of “reality”?  Immediately we may feel our comfort zone or Truth being confronted or imposed upon, as our reality includes our own security levels of what we feel is safe or dangerous to venture into.  Allowing our self to consider embodying many dimensions may immediately place us in fear of losing track of the reality that we feel we are already in. Yet, if we define reality based upon where we are at in any given moment of time  we then realize we are already experiencing many dimensions, as we constantly shift with the natural flow and processing of our embodied time, consciously and unconsciously.  Thus, as we observe what we are experiencing on a moment-to-moment basis we will continue to morph and change our view with the many elements or affects we are given to work with within that given moment of time.

To see our self in the same situation or experience without any new developments is highly unlikely, something will always be new or changing.  What if we allowed our self to take this Truth one step further and actually became part of its True form, where we can begin to unfold with its reality as it is already coming forth to be “real”?  “Reality” does not have to only mean what is physically seen or touched; we know we can sense the unseen as it has been validated to us over and over again.  Then how do we embody a reality or what we believe is real to us?  The answer is “How are you embodying your reality right now?”  Is there any difference between the physically seen and sensing the unseen, when both are mutually connected and consistently sharing their unique characteristics?  One part of you will not experience something that another part of you will not.  You experience at a dimensional capacity thus all dimensions are experiencing something, at some level and in all experiences.

Begin by awakening to this now.   Understanding your dimensional capacity allows you to have many options in your choices for processing and moving forward.  Take yourself out of your limited dimensional comfort zones and begin to experience for yourself the vast nature of your magnificent being.

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