Dissolve Fear by Refreshing Your Reality

When bold action is felt needed or necessary, what is this telling you?  When you feel compelled to leap into a void or drive into the unknown, what comes to the forefront along with this surge of driving force?  Do you immediately put up flags of fear and throw your anchors out to stop all movement?  As the strength of this compelling drive is one that doesn’t come often, when it does do you begin to realize that something big is about to happen?  Is it time for “refresh” perhaps?  Is it time to review what has brought you here yet continue to move forward, without breaking momentum?  “Can I do that?” you might ask.  “Can I assess while still allowing the forward drive to keep me moving in the direction I feel I am going?”

Refresh yourself here, simply acknowledge the strong forces at work and work with them by refreshing their meaning and purpose for being present.  You are rolling along going with the flow and suddenly you sense “the big push”, a sudden force much different and much stronger than everything up to this point, yet you sense this force still belongs to the direction you are going and flowing.  Swift assessments for clarity come from refreshing your wisdom and knowledge up until now.  “What have I learned so far about where I may be right now?” you might ask.  “What tools are available that I may need to access right now that will assist the consistent flow of power and momentum, even though the forces have changed and grown stronger in some fashion?”  You begin to realize you can refresh your understanding of what is needed now as much or as little as you want.  Refreshing what is your Truth is within your power, no one can do this for you.

With every refresh comes a new view or perspective, as refresh is a deliberate and focused attempt to gain clarity in some way, from some angle, or in some regard to what you feel you need right now.  Fear may come with the sense of the unknown bearing down on you but refreshing your perspective can eliminate that fear, by reminding you of the Truth and accessible resources now present.  “What if I don’t know how to use these new resources?” you might ask yourself.  Anything that comes forward upon refreshing your view and Truth can only be Truth.  There is something viable about what you uncovered and revealed with each refresh, whether it’s a little or a lot.  Big or small, you would not recognize what it is you now see, feel, or know if you were not ready to see, feel, or know its purpose for being now available to you.  The Truth never lies thus there is nothing to fear when utilizing refresh as your available tool in your progress forward.

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