Imagination…The Womb of Creative Conception

So often we will put our imagination in a locked closet and throw away the key, out of fear or doubt in what’s going on in this part of our self.  Our imagination is a viable and very active part of our “human-ness”.  Whether we realize it or not we use this part of our mind on a regular basis, processing many of our thoughts and ideas as we receive them.  Most of this processing is done on an unconscious level.  Because of our multi-tasking busy-ness we have a tendency to miss out on any lengthy deliberations around what we may be processing in our imagination, in our present moments awareness.  Most of us feel a great shift when we allow our self to be fully awake to our imagination’s processing of our thoughts and ideas, dreams and desires.  Depending where we are at with our attitude or perspective we can usually find great joy and delight while engaged in our imagination, mostly because of the freedom we feel when we are there, and present in what is being created.

Most of what we process in our imagination we will dismiss as being “only” dreams or “just” fantasies, implying dissolved credibility of what we are experiencing in this place we call our imagination.  “Could we go so far as to call our imagination reality?” we might ask.  Do we find our self immediately taking a stand to say “There’s no way that what I am experiencing in my imagination has ground for Truth or viability, it’s not real or practical, and just crazy thoughts and ideas twisting and turning in my mind”?  Is this what we would call a normal response to the output or results of our imaginative process?

Being that it is always our choice in what we will or will not do with the makings and processing of this part of our self, it can then be surmised that our imagination will be the part of us that we will allow to be or not to be worthy and credible in our present reality.  How far are you willing to go to honor and trust the beauty and magnificence of this gift of your imagination and allowing it the importance as in any other part of your body, such as your heart beating life-force and your lungs processing the air you breathe?

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