Imagine a great BIG world out there where you can experience anything your heart desires.  Yes, anything, where there’s a will there’s a way.  Quit putting any limitations on what this might have to be or look like.  As long as you are in your body you are given the free will to have any experience that seems to gain your attention or that draws you toward it.

So you might ask yourself “What am I waiting for, why not just follow through on my whims and ideas?”  “What would be holding me back from experiencing anything that I felt a strong draw toward it?”

You might immediately respond saying “I don’t have enough money or enough time.”  Yet in Truth, most anything can be experienced in your imagination.  Just make the time and it’s free of charge.

Then again you might respond “That’s not good enough; I want to know and experience my dreams and desires in the material world, where things are physical and solid.”

Where do you think the initial thought or thoughts for your dreams and desires originate?  More than likely they started somewhere in your minds imagination, the place where any thoughts or ideas can be conceived, then nurtured over time for as long as you keep them there.  Once your imagination holds the chosen thoughts and ideas it will then begin to expand on them by way of you seeing, feeling, or sensing other new thoughts and ideas, which will connect to and feed the original ones maturing inside, helping them to grow and expand until their birth into physical form.

How’s that what is growing and expanding in my imagination actualized into the physical reality which I want to experience it in?  Ready-set-go and push, when it is time for birth all the right elements come together internally and externally.  And with the right motivational forces, what has been created in the womb of your imagination is now being lived and experienced by you in your physical reality.  The steps getting there can be rather simple as long as right action continues to open the doors to the next new steps ready to be taken by you.

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