Defining The “Other Side”

Starry starry night, where do all those stars come from?  What’s out “there” that we have not uncovered or revealed yet?  Where is “there”?  How do we even know that there is a “there” somewhere?  As we look at our physical life we easily say we are born into this life, we live until we die and then we leave this life.  Birth is where we start breathing air and death is when we stop breathing air.  And then, where is it that we go?  Or, do we no longer exist?  For those of us who have experienced what we call the “other side” or the “Spirit world” we would say our Spirits energy transitions into another dimension or reality upon death in this physical reality.  Here we would consider the “other side” to be a part of the continuum of a connected reality we are already traveling through.

What do we know about the “other side”?  From what we have gathered it is a non-physical dimension with properties of energy and characteristics of a space without any physical constraints.  Thus we assume it is a space composed of unknowns and immeasurable elements.  For some, when saying the “other side” may immediately see it as a separate place in time, like some kind of planet or star.  We may even call it Heaven without considering any other aspects of its natural make-up.  In more general terms we may say that there’s a co-existing physical/limited space reality and a non-physical/infinite space reality.  From this general definition we can see how our understanding of the “other side” becomes limited by our perception and understanding of the possibilities and potentials associated with the “other side”.    

Why do we bother asking about the “other side”?  Simply by taking a deeper look into what it is we are addressing as the “other side we allow for the opening to a deeper understanding of what is actually occurring or residing in this “other side” experience.  Yes, the “other side” is an experience, just as our physical life is.  And, as we remain connected to our individual Spirit-energy we realize that this is how we travel through the many dimensions or realities on the continuum.

Without question many of us sense much more going on within our own physical reality, along with what exists on the “other side.  Yet too, many of us have a hard enough time seeing life and meaning beyond ourselves and our small communities, let alone attempt to become aware of other countries or the world at large.  “Why is that?” you may ask.  “What prevents us from seeking a greater understanding of these concepts we so easily take for granted and in our limited way of keeping our self from becoming involved?  As we begin to acknowledge our greater awareness we can then begin to acknowledge our greater understanding of that awareness and its vast nature longing to become a more intimate part of which we are, as well as our role in it.  Perhaps it’s time to ask more questions within ourselves , especially now as we begin to realize what is calling out for our greater attention and connection to all that is around us and to what is ready to be newly revealed and understood at much deeper levels than we have yet to understand and know.

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