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Satisfying Our Hunger Pangs

Desire and hunger are one of the same; both evolve from a need developed as a feeling of emptiness inside our self.  We cannot be empty for long as our natural state-of-being is to be balanced, flowing our emptiness and fullness.  Once empty we are given the opportunity to refill with whatever we choose to replenish those empty pockets we feel inside.

How do we know what’s in our best interest to refill our being?  We may sense some type of “craving” for something very specific, yet what if what we feel and sense as needed or necessary is not available or accessible?  How do we refill our emptiness then?  In a desperate attempt to just stop our hunger pangs  we may find our self refilling with whatever is easily accessible , only to find this to be a temporary fix.  Is it not up to us to take the time and make the effort to refill our emptiness with what’s healthy, nutritious, and sustainable to our overall being?  We may ask our self “Is what I sense or “crave” as needed, the only nutritional choice or remedy for my emptiness?”  We usually know what it is that we desire or need, yet because our needs are gradually changing with our forward progress we may not immediately know the full extent of our needs, to substantially refill our emptiness.  Here we may seek more clarity from our inner senses, guiding us to what is now needed for fulfillment.

As we begin to feel the new fullness refilling the deep pockets of our internal emptiness we come to realize that the best way to nurture our feelings of emptiness is to start from inside our self.  Once filled within, we will naturally align to fulfillment outside our self, nurturing and sustaining our needed balance or adjustment.  We come to understand the importance of internal and external working together, as we cannot be balanced in one and not the other.  Both are running a regular shared course of action to keep us balanced and our hunger satisfied n every way.

Emptiness may feel uncomfortable and the hunger pangs may loom over our making great progress in our balanced state, yet know this too shall pass.  This is an important time to stop and go within, to seek inner guidance and sense what your hunger is calling for.  It is up to us to take the time and nurture our self with the very best that we can, simply by following through with each step forward in loving our self and giving our self all that we now need for a happy and healthy life, inside and out.

Get In Sync With The Long-Run

Recognize that not all opportunities are open to you, that not all options need to be entertained in their full light.  There comes a time where one may need to start defining their masterpiece by removing those options or opportunities they feel are not worthy of their time and efforts, at this point in their journey.  What happens to all those great options and opportunities that we turn down, release, and then remove from our priority list?  Are they diminished into nothingness or will they come back to us at some other point on our journey?  Do we need to file them neatly away and categorize their role as to their efficient and effective nature?

Whatever options are left behind or released from your priority list now become part of the general Universal flow.  Everything we release is now up-for- grabs, for the next recipient ready to connect with them and their creative process in establishing their fulfillment-to-form.  This is the power of choice here.  As the Universal flow carries many thought forms, every individual is given the opportunity to collide and connect with the thoughts and ideas they best align to.  Yet even as one collides and connects with the new thoughts, ideas, people, or experiences it will also be up to that individual to allow the connection to remain intact, and take it all the way as a full commitment of Divine union in creation.

Like any conception there is a new beginning in the creation, a unique inception of converging elements.  A collision that came at that right place and at that perfect moment where two or more are aligned, finding their way to the one and only point where they could collide and become one.  Tap into your many resources and options that are around you now, feel them all and begin to decide what feels right and true for you at his time.  Attempt to see and feel the changes that these new options of you’re choosing may make in your present and future life, then once again let go of what you know will not serve you any longer.

It is time now to begin defining you’re most precious and valuable moments of your present creations manifesting rapidly before you.  Embrace their abundant nature knowing you will expand with the joy of your full connection to them.  Confidently let go of what you now know is no longer working as a viable option or opportunity in your new life and new direction ahead. Affirm that you can have it all with the flow of your open and honest assessment of all that is around you now, as you give yourself the gift of freedom from anything that may be trying to hold you back.  This is the time to become the miracles you want to see, have, and experience in your life, and to create a life overflowing in its abundant blessings of love and joy.  To see through the eyes of love in all that you do and to only know and experience the meaning of grand and glorious until your last breath is taken.  Dream on and dream big, then let go of the rest that does not apply here, in dreaming big and bold.  Keep your heart open and your eyes forward as what you are asking to be experienced right now stands directly in front of you, waiting for your full embrace and ultimate connection of fulfillment.  Realize here what’s yours will come to you, it already has, and now you must choose to connect to it or release it.

What is your answer here?  It is time to decide and move on, with or without it.  Either way it is your choice.

Reinforcing Our Development

What is in our developmental process that we will also develop fear in that process?  If our developmental process is about new growth and new balance, what we would assume is healthy and good for us, why would we develop fear before and during this on-going unstoppable force of nature?  Where does our uncertainty come from?  What are we sensing or picking-up-on that may cause our fears to prevail and create their havoc in our flowing development?

We begin to assume that any idea of not knowing what’s coming next or not fully understanding what is happening around us are very good reasons for us to be afraid.  We may wonder if we are equipped to handle what we are sensing coming toward us.  We may wonder what we will need right now in order to make great progress or the right choices, to do it “right” as opposed to doing it “wrong” and failing in our development.  We may look around us and notice that we are standing independently in our way of thinking, in our life-style, in our dreams and our visions, in what we believe to be true and real at this time.

As we deliberate on all of this we start to wonder more and more about the deeper meaning of where we are going and if this is a time that we need to make more changes; changes that we would not have considered before this deliberation.  Changes that we may feel  to be considered as risky or even extreme at some level, completely out of any comfort-zone that we had ever put into place.  “Can we do this?” we wonder.   “Are we allowed to think this big or feel this much?”

The answer to these questions is of course we can.  Why would these new ideas not be as viable as any others that we have processed before this time?  We have made it this far.  How did we do that?  We must be ready to move forward and fearlessly, our growth and development depends on that, as does everything else that awaits us to show up for it now and in our future laid out ahead of us.  We realize and affirm here that we can be brave; our heart will lead us in the right direction.  We can take risks as we are in our pure flowing process of giving and receiving love and well-being, overcoming all fears in our developmental process.

I Choose…

Is it time for a new choice for change?  To affirm “I am ready to see clearly now”, that it’s time to change your direction or maybe your pace?  To decide what’s needed here to balance and to align, and to what you are aligning to?  What needs tweaking, some tender loving care or restoration of energy?  How far have the old wounds of the past wounded you and how can they be transformed?

Or is it time to take a look here and begin to see how far you’ve come.  Where have you been looking all this time?  Could a slight tweak in your focus make a great change in your thought process?  Like healing, it too is a way of processing your thoughts and actions, where one can feel better and better about their self, improve their outlook or their intake, and thus improve their general nature with their healthy open flowing perspective.  “It’s all good!” you may begin to affirm or “I choose to only see and feel that it is all good!”  Yes, everything is perfect and in alignment with your greatest dreams and desires, it can only be this because you choose this.

Simplicity can be your way of life.  You affirm “I choose simple and free and to just be me.”  You recognize now that there are many elements that may come forth into your days activities that you may not expect or feel you have any control over.  Yet you choose to respond to these elements with an open and objective mind, so that you may mix and blend the elements you find interesting or necessary to add to your experience you are presently choosing to be in.  As you become more and more consciously aware of what you are choosing you can then come to a new understanding of your new direction forming, or your new alignment taking place with the new attractions along your journey.  You affirm “As I choose consciousness I become more and more sensitive to what is taking place around me and I become more involved in my creative, healing and learning processes.”  The more involved you are the more that you are able to make the right choices for you.  To choose only the elements that feel in their Highest and Best for you and all concerned, as being aware of all concerned is you choosing to be.

“Ridiculous” one may think or say “This whole concept of “I choose” when there are infinite variables that could come forward without me asking them to.”  Or do they?  Do these foreign elements or thoughts really just come out of nowhere and invade your comfortable normal place you diligently stand guard over?  You must be choosing them in order for them to be present at some level or how would they find you or your mind, when you feel you are choosing their opposite effects?  Everything must be connected somehow in order for this to happen, allowing you to let go and surrender your limited expectations while you continue to be consciously aware of what is taking place and unfolding around you.  If what’s outside of you reflects what’s inside of you then you must be choosing to see what you are now seeing, sensing, feeling and experiencing.  You affirm “I will choose to take everything in here and remove myself from what I feel is inappropriate for me at this time, while I continue to choose the extraordinary life I feel I am now ready to fully know and experience.”

Putting Love On Hold

“Run, run as fast as you can!” Is this what the L-word generates inside of us when it is given by another whom we feel is not of “that caliber” in a relationship with us?  Does the L-word bring up questions for us as to its degree of truth or validity when someone we are close to expresses it?  Do we crave to hear “I love you” from everyone we feel close to and when it is not said we begin to doubt their sincerity and connectedness with us?   How many times do we withhold the L-word because we are too afraid the other person we are saying it to will consider us crazy, over-sentimental, too serious, or over-expressing our feelings?  How often do we feel we are restricted by the L-word, as when it is expressed by another we are then obligated to comply with this person on some perceived level of a relationship?  That if someone express love toward us we must then reciprocate, no matter what sacrifices this may entail of us being our self?  There are many ways we can look at this approach in the expression of love to another, and more importantly in our own expression of love-of-self.

Our heart holds the avenue for this direct source of love energy.  Our heart becomes the channel or vessel, guiding us and assisting us in our sense of flow of this strong and powerful Source energy.  Many times we halt the expression of love no matter what the consequences may be, only because we are too afraid to deliver what we perceive as “such a powerful message”.  We feel “Maybe it could end up getting misread, misinterpreted, or redirected in the wrong way, only to come back and break my heart or hurt my feelings by being rejected or minimized in mutual importance.”  “Do I have the courage and confidence to spare when it comes to saying “I love you” willfully, freely and unconditionally?”

Is it really even possible to be unconditional all of the time with our expression of love and our hearts’ strong desire to express our self this way?  Do we not usually expect from the one we say “I love you” to automatically appreciate our outward expression of love, with the hope that they feel the same by sincerely saying “I love you” back to us?  An undeniable exchange is our usual hopeful expectation otherwise we would rather just wait, until the one we would desire to hear the words of love to willfully say them first.  We think “hold on my heart let’s play it safe, let someone else be the first to express the L-word.”   “It’s the only way we can avoid any painful mix-ups or harsh criticism for such foolishness as to think we are worthy to say “I love you”.”

Is it time to allow “I love you” into your life?  Is it time to say yes to your heart and feel the joy in experiencing love fully expressed from the core of your being?  Yes, of course it is, there’s no time but NOW to take love off of hold and express it fully, authentically, and passionately to all you feel and sense the need to now.