I Choose…

Is it time for a new choice for change?  To affirm “I am ready to see clearly now”, that it’s time to change your direction or maybe your pace?  To decide what’s needed here to balance and to align, and to what you are aligning to?  What needs tweaking, some tender loving care or restoration of energy?  How far have the old wounds of the past wounded you and how can they be transformed?

Or is it time to take a look here and begin to see how far you’ve come.  Where have you been looking all this time?  Could a slight tweak in your focus make a great change in your thought process?  Like healing, it too is a way of processing your thoughts and actions, where one can feel better and better about their self, improve their outlook or their intake, and thus improve their general nature with their healthy open flowing perspective.  “It’s all good!” you may begin to affirm or “I choose to only see and feel that it is all good!”  Yes, everything is perfect and in alignment with your greatest dreams and desires, it can only be this because you choose this.

Simplicity can be your way of life.  You affirm “I choose simple and free and to just be me.”  You recognize now that there are many elements that may come forth into your days activities that you may not expect or feel you have any control over.  Yet you choose to respond to these elements with an open and objective mind, so that you may mix and blend the elements you find interesting or necessary to add to your experience you are presently choosing to be in.  As you become more and more consciously aware of what you are choosing you can then come to a new understanding of your new direction forming, or your new alignment taking place with the new attractions along your journey.  You affirm “As I choose consciousness I become more and more sensitive to what is taking place around me and I become more involved in my creative, healing and learning processes.”  The more involved you are the more that you are able to make the right choices for you.  To choose only the elements that feel in their Highest and Best for you and all concerned, as being aware of all concerned is you choosing to be.

“Ridiculous” one may think or say “This whole concept of “I choose” when there are infinite variables that could come forward without me asking them to.”  Or do they?  Do these foreign elements or thoughts really just come out of nowhere and invade your comfortable normal place you diligently stand guard over?  You must be choosing them in order for them to be present at some level or how would they find you or your mind, when you feel you are choosing their opposite effects?  Everything must be connected somehow in order for this to happen, allowing you to let go and surrender your limited expectations while you continue to be consciously aware of what is taking place and unfolding around you.  If what’s outside of you reflects what’s inside of you then you must be choosing to see what you are now seeing, sensing, feeling and experiencing.  You affirm “I will choose to take everything in here and remove myself from what I feel is inappropriate for me at this time, while I continue to choose the extraordinary life I feel I am now ready to fully know and experience.”

1 thought on “I Choose…

  1. Phyllis Norris

    You always say what I need to hear the most thank you. Your influence is more than you will ever know xxoo phyllis


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