Reinforcing Our Development

What is in our developmental process that we will also develop fear in that process?  If our developmental process is about new growth and new balance, what we would assume is healthy and good for us, why would we develop fear before and during this on-going unstoppable force of nature?  Where does our uncertainty come from?  What are we sensing or picking-up-on that may cause our fears to prevail and create their havoc in our flowing development?

We begin to assume that any idea of not knowing what’s coming next or not fully understanding what is happening around us are very good reasons for us to be afraid.  We may wonder if we are equipped to handle what we are sensing coming toward us.  We may wonder what we will need right now in order to make great progress or the right choices, to do it “right” as opposed to doing it “wrong” and failing in our development.  We may look around us and notice that we are standing independently in our way of thinking, in our life-style, in our dreams and our visions, in what we believe to be true and real at this time.

As we deliberate on all of this we start to wonder more and more about the deeper meaning of where we are going and if this is a time that we need to make more changes; changes that we would not have considered before this deliberation.  Changes that we may feel  to be considered as risky or even extreme at some level, completely out of any comfort-zone that we had ever put into place.  “Can we do this?” we wonder.   “Are we allowed to think this big or feel this much?”

The answer to these questions is of course we can.  Why would these new ideas not be as viable as any others that we have processed before this time?  We have made it this far.  How did we do that?  We must be ready to move forward and fearlessly, our growth and development depends on that, as does everything else that awaits us to show up for it now and in our future laid out ahead of us.  We realize and affirm here that we can be brave; our heart will lead us in the right direction.  We can take risks as we are in our pure flowing process of giving and receiving love and well-being, overcoming all fears in our developmental process.

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