Satisfying Our Hunger Pangs

Desire and hunger are one of the same; both evolve from a need developed as a feeling of emptiness inside our self.  We cannot be empty for long as our natural state-of-being is to be balanced, flowing our emptiness and fullness.  Once empty we are given the opportunity to refill with whatever we choose to replenish those empty pockets we feel inside.

How do we know what’s in our best interest to refill our being?  We may sense some type of “craving” for something very specific, yet what if what we feel and sense as needed or necessary is not available or accessible?  How do we refill our emptiness then?  In a desperate attempt to just stop our hunger pangs  we may find our self refilling with whatever is easily accessible , only to find this to be a temporary fix.  Is it not up to us to take the time and make the effort to refill our emptiness with what’s healthy, nutritious, and sustainable to our overall being?  We may ask our self “Is what I sense or “crave” as needed, the only nutritional choice or remedy for my emptiness?”  We usually know what it is that we desire or need, yet because our needs are gradually changing with our forward progress we may not immediately know the full extent of our needs, to substantially refill our emptiness.  Here we may seek more clarity from our inner senses, guiding us to what is now needed for fulfillment.

As we begin to feel the new fullness refilling the deep pockets of our internal emptiness we come to realize that the best way to nurture our feelings of emptiness is to start from inside our self.  Once filled within, we will naturally align to fulfillment outside our self, nurturing and sustaining our needed balance or adjustment.  We come to understand the importance of internal and external working together, as we cannot be balanced in one and not the other.  Both are running a regular shared course of action to keep us balanced and our hunger satisfied n every way.

Emptiness may feel uncomfortable and the hunger pangs may loom over our making great progress in our balanced state, yet know this too shall pass.  This is an important time to stop and go within, to seek inner guidance and sense what your hunger is calling for.  It is up to us to take the time and nurture our self with the very best that we can, simply by following through with each step forward in loving our self and giving our self all that we now need for a happy and healthy life, inside and out.

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