Absorb and Assimilate

Like a sponge, soak it all up.  What is one’s capacity for absorption?  With all the right elements in place one would naturally and automatically absorb what is in their surroundings.  There’s no special plan, special time, or special way necessary.  Simply being present one will naturally take in all the elements that they are able to align with and absorb, without conscious intention or direction in doing so.  If one is able to absorb without conscious effort or force, what would happen if one consciously and willfully intended to absorb all that they could at any given point in time?

There are many options and possibilities as to what may be taken in.  Once absorbed the body, mind, heart, and Soul Channel will all work together to assimilate what’s just entered into the holding ground of all that’s now available to work with.  Not everything one absorbs will play a role in what’s now being processed.  Like the ocean with its tides, taking in what’s come to the surface then leaving behind what no longer remains in the flow, the same holds true here.  At any given moment in time or in any situation one is finding their self in, there are many layers of elements participating in this experience of absorption and assimilation.  Depending on one’s available capacity, they are then able to absorb as much or as little that is possible, conscious or unconscious of what’s being taken in.

Once what’s absorbed is acknowledged or recognized within, one is then able to utilize those elements in any given manner of processing or assimilation.  Each individual is the director of their own created mixtures and forming of Truth, knowledge, and wisdom.  Every piece of what’s being assimilated will then be redirected into its new place within the bigger picture being created.  Fate and destiny also play a role in the overall outcome of any formed assimilation yet the context/content is always uniquely one’s own assimilation.  Even as many individuals gather together to share an experience each one will absorb its elements and assimilate them in their own unique way.  It is during assimilation that one’s actual experience occurs.

Simply know here that your being is a natural sponge absorbing all elements within its capacity.  If you give this even a small bit of attention you can make great strides in what you are able to assimilate as new possibilities present in your here and now.  Just let the Light in, deep within, and you will know everything you will need to know now in assimilating and creating what’s now ready to be experienced by you.

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