Dimensionally Connecting To New Horizons

The power of the water in the ocean, its natural make-up and the way it moves.  No matter how powerful it may be it is still affected by other forces around it.  In its natural flow water will remain balanced by filling the gaps within its contents.  Any empty spaces are immediately refilled in order to maintain a balanced state of flow and being.  What can happen during great shifts are tidal waves or tsunamis, yet what first appears to be an extreme force will eventually regain calm and a naturally balanced state of flow.  How does this relate to our own being?  What happens during our great shifts and how do we regain our peaceful balanced state once again?

If we are allowing our natural progression and state of being we will only be in a consistent state of inner and outer flow.  Yet as in any situation or experience, there will be external forces also in motion which will directly affect our natural flow and progress; external forces we do not have control over.  Yet what if we begin to learn more about the natural state of these external forces?  What if we allow our self to experience them in their grand way of being, in order to find our ability to work along with them without losing our natural balance and rhythmic flow?  What if when we begin to experience the great shifts created from allowing these new forces to be a part of our being, that we gain knowledge in them, utilizing their natural forces and elements in order to grow, expand, and evolve our own natural flow of self and being? 

As we observe the external forces we can see the physical aspects while sensing the dimensional aspects and their affects on the output of force and power.  As we begin to realize the vast nature and depth within the dimensions of what’s around us we now realize our own vast nature and ability to find a new balance with them.  We begin to move and shift more easily with the understanding of what we are experiencing and participating in.  That it is a very natural way of being when we reach out and extend our self into the many dimensions around us and allow their forces to become a part of our natural experience in our forward progress, growth and evolution.  The new shifts and changes created by these new forces now become our norm and a part of our experience as we fully trust any gaps to be refilled, restoring balance once again.

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