The Crying Baby…A Pure Expression of Need

Respond, react… answer, don’t answer…how do we determine what to do when we hear the cry for help, whether from another or from deep within our own being?  Action, reaction…do we stop to assess the call for help or do we simply run to answer the call, seeking the location and assessing the need while we make our move to answer?  The crying baby is another way of saying that there is a pure need for help or assistance of some kind, as a baby is innocently dependent on others to assist them in their nurturing care.  How does this same concept apply to an adult, one who is able to care and tend to their own needs independently?

We all have a time where the crying baby will awaken us from within our own being.  The cry for help may come from deep within us seeking nourishment for our body, soothing for our nerves, or love for our flow of happiness and wellbeing.  There are many ways the crying baby of another may activate these same potentials within us.  As we may observe or hear the crying baby of another we may immediately go within our self and feel what they are feeling, as a way to bring understanding and compassion to the need being called to tending.  As we seek within our self to uncover what assistance we may serve another, we will also come to find that in tending to the crying baby of another we will be soothing and nurturing our own cries for help within us.  We come to find that even though we may not be crying out for the same help, that simply tending to another’s crying baby will automatically soothe our own.  What of those that continue to cry out even though you feel you have done everything in your power to help soothe the crying baby?  Should one continue to seek the answers for antidotes in caring for this outcry of help or does one simply walk away, hoping the crying baby will find its own remedy for discomfort and neediness?

The outcry is the call for help, how, when, or if it is answered by you is always a choice only you can make.  There are many ways to soothe the crying baby yet some ways will always be better than others, depending on the openness and ability of the one to answer the call for help.  Here if one feels unable or inexperienced to soothe the crying baby, theirs or another’s, it may then be their opportunity to seek help for the one crying out.  This may be the time where one may look out for the crying baby as they are more attuned to what the crying baby may need, beyond what they are individually able to provide.  Here this one will make the call to those they feel could help the one crying out but is unable to tend to their own needed actions on their own.  Here many others will come to the aid of the crying baby, all participants being ready and willing to offer their best help and experience in what the best course of action may be.

As we all work together we are given the opportunity to help, assist, and serve the needs of each of our crying babies as they arise.  And they will, they always do at some point in our daily lives.  Next time you hear the crying baby what will you do to be ready to respond with your heart wide open and your trusted steps for action ready to be taken?

2 thoughts on “The Crying Baby…A Pure Expression of Need

  1. Karen

    In a deeper sense than the first response, which I totally love and understand, I believe that when an outside cry is heard, any response from another is optional. However, I also believe a sensitive soul will respond out of love, just as a parent, grandparent, caregiver responds to a crying infant, child or other adult. When a response is ignored, do I ask myself, WHY??? I believe it goes deep into the psyche of anyone who is being ignored to ask the non responder for help in understanding a reason. If the person is honest, he/ she will express why. Love is the clue, here. If out of love, another adult believes “I” am unrealistic in my cry for help, then out of love, that friend or family member is responsible to address the reason, have a suggestion, or if needed, apply an intervention. To go through life not addressing my own crying baby may mean that I have issues to heal and perhaps others see this so do not respond to me in love, for they also may not be having their own crying baby needs met. Within each human being lives a desire to be loved, response to that love must be love without fail if all crying from within is to be healed. It’s a tall order that takes time, patience and lots of love!!!


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