Monthly Archives: September 2012

How Much is Too Much?

How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to have and be what you feel you need right now?  What will it take to bring you into a happy balance with your life and the way you would like to live this life you’ve been blessed to know and have?  As you observe yourself on a day-to-day basis, what are your actions, your behaviors, and your thoughts telling you in regard to any feelings about “giving too much”, “doing too much”, or “living in such a way that you feel you have very little”?  Are all scenarios spelling out a story of sacrifice of your healthy balance, in some regard or on some level?  How are you presently dissolving old ideas or forced actions that were once demanded or imposed upon you?  What do you do about the non-pleasantries of self-sacrifice?  As we continue to allow ourselves to be imposed by these sacrificial forces, we begin to feel more and more of their constricting and inhibiting nature.  Here is where we can feel the need to rid ourselves of anything resembling self-sacrificing ways or behaviors.

What does one do if they sense the road ahead may be lying on top of faulty rock?  Where would your sacrifice be here?  Is it all or nothing?  As the shaky ground you find yourself on begins to let go and crack beneath your feet, will you take the time to realize new decisions for necessary alternative adjustments in your progress?  Will you sacrifice your life in order to know validation and conquest?  Or, will you simply let go of the ideas of self-sacrificing and begin to find a new perspective, one that is freer, lighter, and all-inclusive to your life as you would like to now live it?

We can make deep sacrifices at any points along our journey.  Yet, as we shall know the difference between balancing and sacrificing, we shall also come to know the undercurrents that speak directly to us in each of our decisions or choices made by us, which will concur with our way of being in our balanced state of whole, happy, and free.   So ground your “extra’s, your “extreme’s” or your “too-much’s” and redirect their flow to fulfill your needs for a new balance and rejuvenated being.

Change and Path Alignment Are One Action

Every level, every dimension of time and space, holds a new awareness for accessibility.  How is it that we expect to know what we have not yet come to learn or understand?  Why do we become so hard on our self, to expect clarity in every step we are taking?  This is a journey we are on and in this journey there will be many paths we will travel.  Our paths simply are the directions we are traveling or moving, in conjunction with the changes we are presently experiencing.  Conscious or unconscious, our bodies and beings are sensing the many options or choices we may have available.

New interests, new insights, new shifts are constantly and consistently occurring with every decision or choice we make.  Once we can detach from our expected outcomes we will immediately free our self from a limited experience.  As we surrender and release old ways or definitions of the “how’s” or “why’s” of our past, we then fully open our self to all present opportunities and options available, in our now and present experience.  We begin to allow our full experience in our now moments to encompass all dimensions of alignment without prejudice or judgment of what is naturally and organically unfolding.  We begin to “get out of our own way” of resisting or inhibiting the present changes coming forward for our consideration and decisions.

We begin to understand that as we allow change and path alignment to become one action and one focus, we are then allowing everything we are observing, or becoming aware of, to participate in our present experience.  We begin to surrender and release at greater levels.  Where in the past we might have considered some changes as “too much” or “not enough”, we will now see everything, all people, places, and elements, as the perfect design assisting our personal experience of a necessary change and path alignment, along with the effects it will have for all participants and everything we are connected to, on all levels and in all dimensions of time.   Here, our awareness is now given the opportunity to develop on a vast and greater scale, as our new understanding of all that we are experiencing grows in its clarity and purpose in our now present steps of progress.

Remove The Limitations and Actively Bridge The Gaps of Time

“Where, oh where can I be right now?”  “What am I really doing here at this point in my life, as I see myself right here and now?”  “How much freedom do I allow myself to have and experience?”  Do you find that you are operating on an “auto-pilot” mode in most of the moments of your days, where the amount of details you will remember surrounding each moment seems to vary with each step you make?  Is it even possible to retain single details that would be involved in your thoughts processes within any given moment of time?  What would be the point in being vigilant to the details of your living moments?  Are not the important elements evident when you readily need them?

Here we can look at our “norm” of input and output and realize how often we operate on an “auto-pilot” mode, not recognizing the infinite variables effecting our present decisions and choices that are coming and going unnoticed, through us and our thoughts processes.  We may begin to sense new thoughts coming forward yet these new thoughts are not necessarily so new, as they are coming from some experience in our past.  How can this happen when we are not in our physical past?  What has triggered these past thoughts to reacquaint themselves in our present moments?  The same may happen with our future creative thoughts and ideas.  How does something we are sensing or visualizing as a future idea, dream, or reality, show up or become triggered in our present moments?  What causes this to happen when we are clearly not in our physical past or future?

We can look at these thoughts as “glimpses” of another time, another dimension, or another reality, yet these “glimpses” become manifested evidence of our very present moments.  How else would we be experiencing them in our present? As time is broken down into its many elements and variable structures we are then able to understand how these variables can effect out truth of what it is we are actually experiencing, as our experiences are only in the present.  What we can actually become a part of can only be in our present moments, as we process all variables of time in that moment.  Why is this important to understand when in truth our physical beings are fully capable to operate in an “auto-pilot” mode?  Why would we choose to complicate our life with this intricate awareness of what is going on around us and within us?

The answers to these questions remain to be ours as what we seek to know and understand is clearly our choices to be made.  There are no right’s or wrong’s here, yet as we live the moments of our life in our Higher Awareness we will flow freer through our lives as we sense and experience our life on many new levels that could not have been known on “auto-pilot”.  We come to realize the magnificence of each present moment and how everything that we know, in any dimension of time, is somehow all connected to the present moment we are surrounded and involved in.  We realize our own power lies within us.  To actively bridge the gaps that we once felt had limited us and to move ourselves in a new direction of life, one that is fuller and richer in opportunities.  Opportunities that exist right here and now!