How Much is Too Much?

How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to have and be what you feel you need right now?  What will it take to bring you into a happy balance with your life and the way you would like to live this life you’ve been blessed to know and have?  As you observe yourself on a day-to-day basis, what are your actions, your behaviors, and your thoughts telling you in regard to any feelings about “giving too much”, “doing too much”, or “living in such a way that you feel you have very little”?  Are all scenarios spelling out a story of sacrifice of your healthy balance, in some regard or on some level?  How are you presently dissolving old ideas or forced actions that were once demanded or imposed upon you?  What do you do about the non-pleasantries of self-sacrifice?  As we continue to allow ourselves to be imposed by these sacrificial forces, we begin to feel more and more of their constricting and inhibiting nature.  Here is where we can feel the need to rid ourselves of anything resembling self-sacrificing ways or behaviors.

What does one do if they sense the road ahead may be lying on top of faulty rock?  Where would your sacrifice be here?  Is it all or nothing?  As the shaky ground you find yourself on begins to let go and crack beneath your feet, will you take the time to realize new decisions for necessary alternative adjustments in your progress?  Will you sacrifice your life in order to know validation and conquest?  Or, will you simply let go of the ideas of self-sacrificing and begin to find a new perspective, one that is freer, lighter, and all-inclusive to your life as you would like to now live it?

We can make deep sacrifices at any points along our journey.  Yet, as we shall know the difference between balancing and sacrificing, we shall also come to know the undercurrents that speak directly to us in each of our decisions or choices made by us, which will concur with our way of being in our balanced state of whole, happy, and free.   So ground your “extra’s, your “extreme’s” or your “too-much’s” and redirect their flow to fulfill your needs for a new balance and rejuvenated being.

1 thought on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. Brandon

    Great post! I believe that sometimes when we take our selves to one extreme or another we can decipher what we NEED and what we dont need and how our desires can create a false reality or justification. What we see as sacrifices can actually be new growth or shedding of unnecessary “things”, hobbies, obsessions, etc.


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