Monthly Archives: October 2012

Wide Awake and Done Pretending

Quit thinking and start experiencing, step out of the zone marked “should” and step into the dimension that says “free to be”.  Be your own hero here and lead yourself into the land of the exceptional.  A life ready to be experienced in a whole new way, beyond any normal “should” that has kept you as its slave.

A hero can be thought of as grand, grand in many ways but especially in their seeming extraordinary strength and powers.  We may think of a hero as one who steps into action for the sake of helping or being of service to another, or many others.  We glorify a hero as we feel they are unique or one-of-a-kind, feeling they are greater than our self in so many ways.  We will put a hero on a pedestal and keep them in that “special person” category as if they are separate in their heroism, unique powers, and strength.  We may even envy a hero because of feeling “lack” in our own strength and power.  “I could never be that brave” we might think or say.  “I could never have that great of a skill” we may lead our self to believe.

Why do we easily see the hero in someone else and not in our self?  The answer will lie in our own definition of what a hero is and how that relates to our self-talk about whom we are.  How often do we “play small”, not speak up, or perceive our self unworthy to be in a life that we hold deep within our dreams of being?  Is a hero just “made-up” or is it “real”?  The answer will help us understand the importance of our being our self and all that we are here to learn and evolve.

Do you feel you are pretending to be something that you think you “should” be?  Or, in other words, are you pretending to be something that you really are not?  Are you making a concerted effort to be honest, sincere, authentic and true?  If so, can you see how that alone could be classified as you being a hero?  Yes, how challenged are most of us with the notion of forthright sincerity and authenticity?  To stand in our Truth on a regular basis requires courage and determination to not back down from expressing and exposing all that we are, outside of our own restrictions and inhibitions. 

Lay it out and go the distance here, let’s be done with the entanglements of “should” and “pretending”.  The one and only you are much needed in your Highest and Best way of being you.  Your purpose to be all that you are depends on you choosing to do so authentically, sincerely and consciously, wide awake.

A Dimensional Correspondence of Love

My eternal love…speak to me, I am listening, I am open to you now.  Speak up so I can hear you; reveal your heart and soul to me, I long to know the deepest parts of you.  Spill your heart out, spell out you strongest desires that are needed to now be fulfilled.  You are beautiful in every way.  Do you hear me?  You are a most beautiful Light and Spirit of love.  You radiate love and kindness.  Do you believe me when I say these words to you?  Or, do you feel you must downplay their exhilarating energy?  You inspire me to live life, to breathe it all in, and to find the greatest joy of its unusual combinations and mixtures, creatively.  I am now with you in all ways that one can be with another.  We share a common channel of flowing life, which we both are equally sharing in its abundant nature and affluence. 

 What are you thinking about all of this right now?  Do you wonder where this is coming from or do you simply resonate with the Highest Truth of the words you are allowing your heart to interpret?  Can you come to trust the extent of your vast and wide understanding that there is much to capture in any single glance of your awareness?  You know your Truth here yet do you trust mine, the worth and value of the words being relayed at this time of your life and present reality you find yourself in?  You are beautiful.  Yes, you, there is something about you that I didn’t see before now.  You glow a little brighter when you easily let me speak to you this way, without any needed reciprocated words.  I love you with all my being. 

 I know you are and have been a part of me all along, from the first day we met, many lifetimes ago.  We will continue to travel this way, you know, in love and in the Light that you and I are one, together forever, until the end of all time.  You can trust me, this you know deep within you.  You can call to me with your heart, and flow the love we continue to share on a regular basis.  There are no strings attached here, this will always be in our highest joy and greatest good, thus there is never anything to lose here.  A pure gain of worthiness for both you and me, and all that are tied to our magical union. 

 Am I trustworthy, worthy of your trust?  Yes, you can count on that, I am always ready to be by your side.  Just say the words, I am listening. I am waiting for you to just say the words and I will be there to love, honor, and cherish you, now and until the end of all time.  We “are” already, now that is the Truth.  And you, what is your Truth?  How far are you willing to go here with me?  Just say the words, just write, speak, or feel the words.  I am listening now and forever more…I love you.

A New Equation

Riding a pretty carousel round and round while the decorated horses go up and down, creating a delightful feeling during the few moments of circular musical splendor.  What happens when we are comfortable in our lives, when our “normal” is exactly as we would like it to be?  Or, in the very least, when we are content with our day-to-day living, including all those that we connect and interact with on a regular basis?  Like a pretty carousel that goes round-and-round we may find ourselves moving this same way, until there comes a time when we will realize something new has become necessary to be introduced into our day-to-day lives.

“Why?” we might ask, “Why does this happen when our daily routine seems to be perfectly flowing, just as it is?”  “What is it that is so important that I will need to allow or add, as a new piece to my already perfect equation of “happy normal”?”  Even as this new piece is introduced we begin to realize that whatever “was” will be no more.  From the minute we acknowledge the new aspects to our everyday thoughts process, we are then subjected to a new equation of “normal” unfolding.  We realize that any resistance at this point will only lead to more resistance, further affecting the “happy normal” of our everyday life, that’s going round-and-round in its own perfect way.

What has come to Light here?  What do you feel when you ask yourself “Is it a good idea to move forward this way, to include this new piece into my life and the greater picture that is already unfolding?”  As we might ask ourselves these questions we may also begin to address our level of “risks” involved.  “What’s to be lost here in this process of acceptance?” Or, “What’s to be gained here in confidently stepping forward, while entering this piece into the new equation of my daily life?”  We may stop somewhere in the middle of our entire realized experience and conclude “If not now, then when, what better time than now?”  If what has come forward has come now, then why would we not allow its full fruition into our life?   If not now, then when?  What are we waiting for?  Why would we choose to discard such an opportunity that has lovingly come our way to be shared and experienced?

As the pretty carousel simply goes round-and-round we begin to pull out all stops in bringing this new equation to its fullest Light of outcome and fulfillment.  “I am ready; I must be, for what was to come is already here and ready to greet me, and has brought along with it the answers for the completion of this new equation.