Wide Awake and Done Pretending

Quit thinking and start experiencing, step out of the zone marked “should” and step into the dimension that says “free to be”.  Be your own hero here and lead yourself into the land of the exceptional.  A life ready to be experienced in a whole new way, beyond any normal “should” that has kept you as its slave.

A hero can be thought of as grand, grand in many ways but especially in their seeming extraordinary strength and powers.  We may think of a hero as one who steps into action for the sake of helping or being of service to another, or many others.  We glorify a hero as we feel they are unique or one-of-a-kind, feeling they are greater than our self in so many ways.  We will put a hero on a pedestal and keep them in that “special person” category as if they are separate in their heroism, unique powers, and strength.  We may even envy a hero because of feeling “lack” in our own strength and power.  “I could never be that brave” we might think or say.  “I could never have that great of a skill” we may lead our self to believe.

Why do we easily see the hero in someone else and not in our self?  The answer will lie in our own definition of what a hero is and how that relates to our self-talk about whom we are.  How often do we “play small”, not speak up, or perceive our self unworthy to be in a life that we hold deep within our dreams of being?  Is a hero just “made-up” or is it “real”?  The answer will help us understand the importance of our being our self and all that we are here to learn and evolve.

Do you feel you are pretending to be something that you think you “should” be?  Or, in other words, are you pretending to be something that you really are not?  Are you making a concerted effort to be honest, sincere, authentic and true?  If so, can you see how that alone could be classified as you being a hero?  Yes, how challenged are most of us with the notion of forthright sincerity and authenticity?  To stand in our Truth on a regular basis requires courage and determination to not back down from expressing and exposing all that we are, outside of our own restrictions and inhibitions. 

Lay it out and go the distance here, let’s be done with the entanglements of “should” and “pretending”.  The one and only you are much needed in your Highest and Best way of being you.  Your purpose to be all that you are depends on you choosing to do so authentically, sincerely and consciously, wide awake.

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