The Miracle of Fate

F.A.T.E…faith allowing the exposure…the exposure of what is already present and available, yet not fully realized or actualized. How does fate work and what triggers fate into action?  Is it our realization that will trigger fate or is it our readiness for what is now coming forward and present in our unfolding life path and purpose?  The answers will always lie within us.  Yet, if one looks at their readiness as the available opportunity for fate to take precedence, it is then one can fully trust in their next choices for moving forward to be fully guided through inspired thoughts and influenced by individual destiny.

As one reminds their self to be patient and that the unfolding is all in a matter of Divine Time and clear right action, then one will remain worry free and in the present, fully able to rely on their fate to bring forward all that is Highest and Best in each step.  We will no longer question our whereabouts with doubts and fears.  Instead we will continue to seek the Highways by feeling our way through the discomforts of fully allowing all that is present to play its role in what is now destined to become evident and actualized, in its greatest version of Truth.  Never fearing our fate to be a conscious powerful force in our lives now allows the creative forces within us to emerge and blossom in their fullness and ultimate fulfillment, in their part and purpose of what is now destined to come together at this time.

We are truly the masters of our own fate and destiny.  We can see this now and take full responsibility for our role in the allowing of what’s coming forward.  We may now see how miracles can truly be present in all that we do and experience, as in our trust we will not resist or interfere with the great powers of fate, timing and right-action, all fully being channeled through us in any given moment of time.  Yes, it is all a matter of time, as in everything that is moving through the dimensions of time, seen and unseen.  We learn we can trust it all as we are now ready to fully experience the miracles of fate in action, to continue down our destined path and in our full purpose of what that means for us individually.

Trust it all now as the influences of fate in action will bring us everything we need to make sound, stable and clear decisions for our next steps in unveiling the gold within us.  It is truly all a matter of time and time is the element triggering our fated destiny, all in love and Light.

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